Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

We had so much fun trick or treating! Tatum was, of course, the most precious witch we saw. And Tucker made an excellent batman, even if his head was to big for the hat. Tatum's hat lasted about 5 minutes while Tucker's cape lasted 6. They were so cute and so excited. They loved running up to every door. Tucker insisted getting back into the wagon inbetween every house and Tatum's candy bucket got so full I had to carry it inbetween every house, it probably weighed as much as she does. How am I suppose to eat healthy with all this candy in our house!?!? Tatum is already talking about next year, she's already decided she will be a princess. Oh, and can anybody guess what Chris is for Halloween? He's an ASU fan, so original.

Anderson Family

Ready, Set, Blog

I never thought it would happen to me. I had such a strong resolve NOT to become a blogger as I find it incredibly addicting. But never the less, it has. I am addicted to other people's blogs! I spend to much time blog hopping, "Why don't you just get your own" says Chris. And so, it is time to begin my own. I have much to learn in the blogging world but I'm ready. So enjoy the stories of my precious children and our every day, unexciting, but very active lives.