Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Great Debate

What a debate it's been!
It's one of those issues there's simply no compromising,
One caves or the other.
There's no meeting half way.
There's no common ground.
It's been hard when we both feel strongly about our points.
Mine is right, of course,
but somehow he feels his is right,
or at least safe if nothing else.

One of us gave in.
He/She didn't necessarily give the thumbs up
but passively let things happen.

And eventually...

nature takes its course.

without further adieu,
we are thrilled
and anxious

to welcome baby #4.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

We're Here

We're here and have been for almost a month. Safe and sound and quite settled. We're enjoying our 'new' home and are trying to get into a routine. The blondies both like their new rooms and LOVE the upstairs loft which is nothing but their play room. Their back yard rocks! Lots of greenery, an apple and apricot tree, a rope swing, swing set, and the trampoline and teeter totter we brought. It's so green, like a jungle, we're loving all the color. It even has a rose bush with PINK roses, so fitting. Our house has an older charm to it, I'm quite enjoying the accents only an older home would have. We're learning about basements and no air conditioning. We're absolutely loving the weather, it's amazing it's the middle of July and we've hardly broken a sweat! And the mountains!! SO majestic and so close!

We were lucky enough to have family here for the first 2 and a half weeks! It was fun, more like a vacation than Utahr life. We also had our first guests, the Halterman's, their visit was much too short and we had a great time. We also enjoyed see our good friends the Skidmores, Woods, and Rohners.

We've explored our new neighborhood, hiked a couple different mountains including the Y which, by the way, just about killed me!, visited our friends in Ogden and with them experienced Lagoon (a theme park), enjoyed the beauty of 2 waterfalls both from the bottom, sun bathed at a water park, shivered on cold nights, and have hardly broken a sweat. We've eaten at new yummy restaurants but have yet to discover an ice cream place quite as delicious as Nielsen's Frozen Custard.

We're missing our friends, house, family, and ward. Our ward is quite different. It's small and quiet as opposed to huge and busy. Tatum only has 5 kids in her class instead of 20. There was extra space in the primary room and the entire primary could fit in the same room. We've missed the crowded halls and craziness between classes. We miss the familiar faces and definitely the bread! Oh the bread! I'm sure we'll enjoy our ward, it just takes time.

I have loads of pictures but my computer has a virus so I'll have to post them later. Over all we're doing well and are excited to finally be here together!