Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Official!

Yes, the rumors are true.
We are moving to Utah so Chris can go to Physical Therapy (PT) school.
His school is in Provo so we hope to live in either Orem or Springville.
Having never lived there we'll have to base our decision on their elementary schools.
I admit, I'm a school snob and want only the best for my blondies!

School starts May 10th, so soon!
Chris will be moving all by his lonesome as Tater's school doesn't end until June 2nd.
A whole month as a bachelor and a whole month as a single mom!
I'm not afraid of my blondies!
It's a two and a half year program, begins in May 2010 and ends in December 2012.
We'll be back in AZ before we know it!
T&T are excited, well...mostly.
When I broke the news to them Tuck says,
"What the hell?"
I don't think it's registered that they're leaving their family and friends.
They'll find out soon enough.
But we're excited.
A little nervous.
Looking forward to the gorgeous summers dreading the arctic winters!
It doesn't matter where we live...
As long as we're together!


How cute are these!?!?! I LOVE how it looks like Tucker is really holding the sucker! SO cute! Tatum's finished product is coming soon!

Lemon Juice

When life gives you lemons FIRST get your goggles and THEN make lemonade!

Jersey's Christmas

For Christmas Santa and the Grandmas gave sweet Jersey flowers for her headstone. It's sad for me to go to the cemetery and have nothing adorning her little spot. I don't want people thinking we don't take care of our princess! I think they're prefect, fitting.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Friends

These two are so cute together despite their age difference. Tatum is 6 and Lauren is 3. Lauren is the little sister Tatum doesn't get. I love how they're both in their frilly pink skirts and how Tatum is reading to Lauren. Tatum is always so attentive to Lauren, it kind of stings watching them. The way Tatum lightly puts her hand on Lauren's back guiding her and how she alters her voice at times while speaking to sweet Lauren. I'm thankful Tatum has her, I'm thankful for the small opportunity she gets to feel like a big sister!