Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jakey's Blankies

This is Jake, sweet angel Jake. His mommy, Liz, and I decided that Jake and Jersey are married in Heaven. Don't their names have a nice ring to them, Jake and Jersey? We certainly think so! Silly but we figured since they were bff's they might as well be hitched. Anyways, when Jakey died his family asked for donations for "Jakey's Blankies" and had a huge response. These aren't just any blankies, the material is AMAZING! I'm an adult and I want one of these blankets. The tiny patients these blankets were made for fell in love, so did the parents. They were such a hit the heart unit is in need of more. Please visit Jakey's blog if you are feeling generous, and even if you're not visit anyways! =)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tucker's Birthday

Tucker Sam turned 5! I can't believe he's already 5! Nonnie made this collage for him, he's so handsome and old looking.
I feel like a bad mom, pictures taken of his cake and his birthday party some how disappeared, I'm so sorry Tuck! For his cake he chose to have a green light saber across the whole front. It said his name in the Star Wars font, he loved it.
His birthday fell on a Saturday and when I asked him what he wanted for dinner, thinking I'd make him his very favorite he replied, "Red Robin, they have my favorite food." Can't argue with the birthday boy. Off to Red Robin we went with Nonnie and Papa. They sang to him and gave him his very own ice cream Sunday. While they sang they made him stand up on his seat and raise his hands in the air. He felt like a King! He's really into Star Wars right now and got a few Star Wars Lego kits, they really hit the spot. I also got an MP3 player and has been rocking out to music ever since. His most favorite thing he got were black cowboy boots. He's been begging for those since before Christmas. He loves them and shows them to anybody and everybody!
He's a hilarious little boy full of energy. He loves being outside and riding his bike. He loves to tuck in his shirts and show off his missing teeth. He can't wait to start kindergarten and wonders when Jersey will come alive again. He loves his hamster, Rose, and thinks there's nobody cooler than his Dad. He wonders why he can't swear or beat up his sister and is often my biggest helper. He's a tough little guy and so independent but such a snuggler who loves his mama. His sister is his best friend and hopes to one day be a baseball player. He's a very hands on kinda dude and how we love him!!!

Ethan's Run

Ethan is one of Jersey's bets buds, they have a lot in common. Both are heart babies, both lived at St. Joe's, both were quite brave, and both their mom's names are Heidi (imagine that!) In Ethan's honor and to raise money for the heart unit at St. Joe's Ethan's mommy, Heidi, is doing Ethan's Run. Below is the link for information and the sign up. We'll be there, we simply would not miss it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Tucker: Mom, are mummys people who have died?

Me: Yes.

Tucker: Is Jersey a mummy?

Me: No, she is an angel!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Jersey's Angel Day was January 5th, a day I've been anxious to have over. We decided that rather than staying home and re-living last year's time line that we so well remember we'd go to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. We went with our dear friends the Ridgeways and had a marvelous time! We, of course, still thought of our princess but how can you mope while riding Splash Mountain??

T&T absolutely loved our hotel room. They were thrilled about the bunk beds, little table, their own TV, and their very own couch!

Loving their room!

This picture hit my funny bone. He looks like such an over grown doof! Chris and I laughed and laughed at him, he looks ridiculous in this stroller!

What is Disneyland without churros? We had our fare share!

The tea cups, as usual were a hit. I'm lame and get sick so Chris and Keisa were in charge of those!

My girly and I. I love that little princess!!

Tuck...being Tuck. He said he looked like a "rock star" wearing his glasses. He's hilarious!

Last year when we went to Disneyland Tatum said it was only okay. She said she didn't get to meet any of the princesses, I've felt bad ever since. This time I made sure we were first in line and she was SO excited to meet them. That is, until she was actually talking to them, then she became shy. I'm sad she's growing out of the princess phase, she was all about the princesses. It means she's getting older and I'm not quite ready for that.

See Tuck? We're bad parents, a little lazy. Walking to a bathroom was just too far. Yes, we're THAT family who encouraged him to be quick and quiet! Don't judge.

We agonized for the 3 days we were there whether or not to get season passes. Finally at 5 o'clock on the last day we caved and bought them. We're so excited. Anybody wanna go to Disneyland with us??
We had a killer time and loved spending time with our friends. Disneyland was the perfect distraction from our sadness. I hope to make it a tradition!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shelves and a Clock

This handsome fellow is Brandon, my brother in law. He's pretty new to the family but so far we like him. After Jersey died I was in dire need of a shelf to display my Jersey shrine, yes I have a shrine. He quickly came to my rescue with a cute shelf, JUST what I wanted! Since then he has spent many hours cutting, sanding, painting, distressing, many pieces I'm pretty sure I NEED! Below are just a couple. And yes, if you are wondering, he'll make you one, or two, or three, for a small fee of course.

I LOVE this shelf. Mine is a bit different, this one is grander and would look fabulous in Tatum's room!

And this clock, definitely fabulous! If you are feeling the NEED right about now feel free to e-mail the above dude with questions and maybe even an order!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hole in the Wall

Today is my Mother dearest's birthday, she's turning 29! ;) We always celebrate by going to a movie and lunch but this year she decided on something different. We spent the day at a hole in the rock near the zoo. It was a lovely day, perfect for a picnic except...who invited the wind?

Ahhh, their buddies! Because it was mom's birthday Chris had to cooperate and smile during the picture.

The blondies had so much fun hiking up to the hole in the rock. They LOVED exploring the hole and all the climbing that came with it.

Tucker Sam enjoying the view.

Tatum enjoying the view.

Heidi enjoying the view. Chris was proud of his picture taking skills.

Tucker loved feeding the ducks with Auntie Kim. He fed them the entire box of Cheez Its!