Monday, March 14, 2011

A Jett Update

Here's what Jetters has been up to:

He's sort of sleeping through the night. I've created a beast, him and his passy! He wakes at 3 or 4 or both wanting it. I'm sure he'd rather eat but I'd rather him not. Not sure what to do with him. Sometimes I'm up 6 times a night shoving that dang thing in his mouth. Hmmm.

He got a little trim today. His hair was getting scraggly and it needed to be done. Looks better. I should have taken a picture but didn't so trust me when I say it's so much better!

He's learned how to smile and chat with us. We all squeal with delight when he makes darling baby noises and then try to get him to do it again.

I LOVE a baby in a towel. He's pinchable from head to toe and weighed in at 12 lbs. 14 oz. two weeks ago. He thinks it's funny to squirt us with his hose during his bath. We scream and quickly scramble to take cover. :) I'm sure inside he's laughing!

Tatum loves changing his diapers, his wet diapers NOT his poopy diapers. It's rather funny to watch her. She positions the diaper just right and then he kicks and wiggles and she has to wrestle with him again. She's really cute and has yet to be squirted, can't wait for the reaction WHEN that happens! Tuck isn't so interested in the diaper changing and immediately wants him taken away when he fills his britches with poo.

Little man. He has a lot of expressions! Some are concerned, some curious, some happy, and others mad!

Go Sun Devils! He looks like a balding old man in the picture on the right!

We still can't get enough snuggle time!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jett's Blessing

Jett's special day was on a beautiful, Arizona afternoon. Gorgeous weather, beautiful baby, and our wonderful families. It was a perfect day. Chris did a great job, with baby #4 he's a pro! Jett was oh-so handsome and he didn't even poop his yellow poop which would have ruined his handsome outfit. He behaved during the blessing and was a major hit with all who were there. Everybody loved him...of course, what's not to love!

A few other photos of the mister.

They were very proud of their brother. They counted down all week for "Jett's special day" and were thrilled to help with anything they could.

This was the best we could do with all 3. I say all 3 like it's a lot. Ha! Imagine if Jersey were here, 4 kids is definitely a lot! It was a glorious day with so much love, thanks to all who came and shared it with us!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tucker's Tooth

Tucker had a tooth that needed to come out. It was hanging but Tuck wouldn't pull it. Instead, he thought it'd be easier to have a remote control car do the deed. It just so happened that his cousin Jacob had a car that would take care of his tooth. Here's Tuck getting floss tied to his tooth in preparation.

He's ready to go!
Jacob and the car.

Wait for it...wait for it...

And with a mighty tug and a loud pop it was out!!
The search was on. Gotta leave proof for the tooth fairy! We eventually found it in the grass. We laughed about Tucker and his tooth the rest of the day. It was mighty funny and brave of him!