Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Evening

The blondies absolutely HAD to take a nap BEFORE they even thought about trick-or-treating. We had a ward trunk-or-treat two nights before and they were told in order to go they had to nap. Well, Tatum did and Tucker didn't so Tatum got to go with her friend Grace while Tucker stayed home and went to bed. It was really hard to follow through! When I told them they had to take a nap they knew I meant business! Here's what I found.

For Halloween this year Tatum was the cutest Little Red Riding Hood while Tucker was a very brave Spider Man. Originally we started off the Halloween season under the impression Tuck was going to be Dracula. We have a cape, I got him face paint and black hair spray but as it got closer he decided he simply HAD to be Spider Man.Precious! My Mother is such the life saver, she sewed this costume for Tatum and it turned out SO cute. When she finished she swore she'd NEVER again sew another Halloween costume. But secretly, she'd do ANYTHING for Tatum!

Tucker all decked out in his Spider Man costume. His head is so big the mask only fit over 1 eye, it lasted maybe 2 houses.

Auntie Aimee came trick-or-treating with us this year. We went ALL over our neighborhood. For the first time ever I was finished before the children were, maybe it's because I'm 8 months pregnant! I'm all about getting started early and going until we can't walk one more step! Of course when we got home they had to check out all their candy. They totally scored, next year we'll have to get Tuck a bigger bucket, his was full to the top!

Tucker sporting some silly teeth.

Pumpkin Carving

Here are the proud parents of two very round, perfect carving pumpkins. Usually I scour the Internet for the perfect carving design but this year I couldn't muster up the energy so they each got to design their own face. Tuck was told to roll up his sleeves and that didn't go over to well so after a quick wardrobe change we were ready to gut and cut!

Tatum at first was a little grossed out by the squishy guts between her fingers but by the end she wasn't afraid and she was quite the expert.

Tucker, on the other hand, absolutely refused to to get messy. It was I who scrapped and gutted so he could hack away at his jack-o-lantern.

Can you guess who designed which pumpkin? Tater's is the happy one on the left, she's usually bubbly and happy. Tucker's is on the right looking...mad which he usually is!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tuck's Halloween Party

At Joy School Tucker and his little friends had a Halloween party. Aren't they SO cute!!
There was a parade.

And entertainment. They sang and cute Halloween song and did the actions to it.

And lastly they worked really hard to frost their families Halloween cookies. They were VERY tasty!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Tatum!

Happy, happy birthday Tatum dear. Here's our darling girl's first five years.
Day one.

Happy 1st Birthday! It may look like she's pointing but she's not, we taught her how old she was.Two Years Old.

Three Years Old.

Four Years Old.

Five Years Old.

She is such a sweet heart! She is SO thrilled about being a big sister to a new baby, she's constantly kissing, rubbing, and speaking to my stomach. Some of Tater's favorite things right now: color: green
thing to do with dad: jump on the tramp
thing with mom: being tickled
thing to do with Tucker: jump on the tramp
favorite toys: princess polly pocket
favorite movie: Tinkerbell
She has quite the personality! She's a little stubborn, a little sassy, very lovable, SO smart, usually helpful, LOVES to sing-she's ALWAYS singing something, interested in gymnastics, excellent on her scooter, anxious for her baby sister, enjoys school, and we are so thankful we have her. She's our princess, our angel, our Tater-bug!

She got to pick her birthday breakfast and she chose: pumpkin waffles with dessert syrup, bacon AND sausage, and water.
Some fun presents. She got the desk she's coloring on and the Tinkerbell coloring set-up, Tinkerbell sunglasses and night gown, and finished curtains.
She also got her very own "credit card" to buy the new Tinkerbell movie and a new Tinkerbell dollie. She loves Tinkerbell and has since she was 2.

She also got this magic oven that cooks with ice and her Daddy helped her carefully put water in the ice tray to freeze. So careful!

For her cake she chose a princess castle, can you guess which tower she frosted all by herself?

All her little friends that came to her party.

Two of her really good pals, Kendall and Sydney.

Some Firsts for Tatum

Some firsts with Tatum. The first time I attempted to paint her room. My Mom and I found this darling scrap book paper and thought it'd be a cinch to duplicate. Ummm, it was terrible. I knew Chris would have a fit so the door was locked and he was forbidden to enter the room until I painted over it. Her room ended up being 2 different shades of yellow.

When people came to visit Tatum in the hospital the first time they got a candy bar with her info.
First family picture.

First hair do.
First bath, so serious!
First Halloween. She was so jaundice she looked like a pumpkin.
First time going to church. And, might I add, this was the first dress I wore when I was a youngin.
First attempt to bake.First camping trip.

First time her hair was in a pony tail and the first time she wore panies. She was only 18 mos, I was a little anxious on the potty training, needless to say it didn't work.First time having her hair in curlers and the result. Precious!

First beach trip, think she had fun?

First time she went poop in the potty. Yes we bribed her with fish that died 5 days later.

First bob.

First time I realized how stubborn she really is. There was an Easter Egg Hunt at the park in our neighborhood and she got mad about something and absolutely refused to pick up even a single egg. She completely missed the entire hunt. Of course she was mad after it was over that she didn't get any eggs. Her stubbornness is not bad quality, she will desperately need it when she's older!

First beach house experience. She wanted to live there and never leave, you and me both sister!

First time being in the snow.

First car.

First performance. She felt like a "shining star".

First day of Kindersteps.