Friday, April 18, 2008

The Rain Dance Recital

Tatum had her very first dance recital. The title of her dance was The Rain Dance and it was this cute song about splashing in the rain. Here she is before her big performance excited and ready to put on a show. Love the boots!

Tuck is her biggest fan, they're waiting together before the big show.

Still waiting for the show to start!

Tater's very special friends who refused to miss her big night! We LOVE Sonia, Sadie, and Macie!

Here she is, splish splashing!

She got 3 roses from Tucker, 3 from Grandma, and 4 beautiful pink flowers from Sadie and Macie.

Tatum is so lucky to have two amazing women who love her dearly. They ALWAYS support her and love to spend time with her, of course they wouldn't miss her recital!
I asked Tatum if she felt like queen up there on stage and she said, "NO, I felt like a shining star!". She's SO cute!

After her performance we headed to Neilsen's to celebrate.

Tuck and Gramps hangin out. Tucker begged long enough for Grandpa to buy him a huge gum ball which he quickly stuffed in his cheek.

Tater's flowers she so lovingly took care of.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quack, Quack

Aren't they cute? Eighteen ducklings! My Mother has a friend who's parents had a duck, did ya catch that?, decide to move in with them and then lay her eggs.

We couldn't pass up seeing or holding them. They were so cute and so squirmy, they even pooped on our hands.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday You Animals

Happy, happy birthday stuffed animals! How is it possible they all share the same birthday! Tatum and Tucker spent the morning throwing their animals a birthday party and it was SO cute we HAD to make a real birthday cake!

Tucker wanted to help of course, he loves to be right beside me in the kitchen. Tatum on the other hand would rather eat whatever it is Tuck and I are making.

Ta-Dah, they were so excited to actually have a cake for their friends. We sang Happy Birthday, cut the cake...

and then Tatum helped each animal taste their delicious birthday cake.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


A not so funny story: A couple weeks ago my friend Crystal and I were discussing sewing, exciting topic I know. We're both participating in a boutique and have been sewing like crazy. She was telling me how her mother never sewed with the machine on Sundays because something bad always happened. Smile, smile. So Sunday rolls around and I'm working on my towels I'm selling at the boutique thinking to myself I probably should be working on them as I will be making a profit selling them. No sooner had I thought this than the needle breaks into 3 pieces and one of them flies into my eye and I can hardly see for the next 2 hours. Thankfully my eye was okay. So the next Sunday rolls around and once again I'm working on my project. I step away for 2 seconds and Tucker picked up the scissors and cuts on of my needed towels. Hello, we don't play with scissors! Luckily I was able to save it but Tuck had to go straight to the naughty corner.When he was released this is what he did while giving me one of his classic stink looks. What's not to laugh at! So to finish my not so funny story, I told Crystal about my happenings and she cued me into the fact that it was indeed Sunday. NO SEWING ON SUNDAYS, I've learned my lesson... twice!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Usery Pass Picnic

We had a family picnic in the desert at Usery Pass. At first we were a little skeptical but it was SO much fun! There was a playground there, a bathroom (yeah for no squatting), and a grill. It was a perfect day for a picnic with the fam.

Sam had so much fun bouncing everybody on the seesaw so hard the game was to NOT fall off. I tried it and my rear was soar the next day! My kids LOVE to swing but being the horrible mother that I am I avoid any park with swings. The moment they see swings they want me to push them, and not for a few minutes, for HOURS! I feel bad depriving of their love, I really do, but when they know how to pump, seriously. Actually Tucker taught himself to pump on this outing and was SO proud of himself; high five buddy!!

We were patiently waiting for dinner and so that meant, of course, a small photo shoot. Tucker and his shades, he's so funny about them!

We love Sammy and Cooper, our favorite cousins!

Tucker stuffing as usual. The menu: hot dogs or chicken (for the health conscious), potato chips, fruit with rocks (Careful! Loaded with rocks-it was dropped in the sand), and potato salad; perfect picnic food!

It would be wrong to have hot coals and not make smores.

Tuck enjoying his smore, ummmmmmm.

The buddies hanging out and Sam in his favorite bandanna.

Not pictured is our mini softball game which we held in the middle of the street and frequently had to be paused so cars could pass. The goal was to hit the ball the farthest in 3 hits and you'll all be happy to know that I won! I even out hit Christopher which is a major feet! Please, no autographs.

Father and Sons

Tucker got to go on his first ever Father's and Sons outing. Chris and Tuck drove up with their buddies Trent, Tyler, and Luke with their pop-up camper. Of course I sent Chris with the camera and these were the only shots of their enitre campout that were taken.

Smile big! Tucker kept refering to the hot cheetos, which he obviously ate. Chris said he did really good and had a great time.