Wednesday, May 26, 2010

He's All Graduated!

Tuck graduated from preschool and what a happy boy he is! The morning started off rocky with him declaring he wasn't going to his graduation. He HAD to be there, he had a very important role of leading the class in counting by 5's and 10's. When I told him he couldn't go to Kindergarten if he didn't graduate preschool and that he'd have to do preschool again next year he changed his mind.

Aren't these graduates absolutely darling! They started with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by Tucker leading them in their counting. The video is at the bottom.

Next they sang 3 songs with much gusto.
All the graduates listening to Ms. Angie just before watching their video.
Here's the big graduate receiving his diploma, a hug, and his memory box from Ms. Teresa.

Couldn't pass up a picture with my handsome boy! And Grandma even came for the celebration!

Here's Tucker with some of his favorites: Lilee, Brock, and Austin.
His two favorite teachers: Ms. Angie and Ms. Teresa. He's such a handsome boy and loved being in the spotlight!

Tucker leading the class in counting by 5's and 10's.

Disneyland Take 3

Yes, we went again to Disneyland this time with my parents and sister Natalie in tow. We had a grand 'ol time!

Natalie and I shared a seat on the Matterhorn and laughed and laughed at how cozy the seat was.

The end of the first day was a hard one for Tuck. He was winding down from a melt down and this is how he rode the tram. He didn't want anybody looking at him.

There's somethin about a dude that Tuck gets along with. He wanted only to be with Pops, no one else!

The blondies enjoyed watching Nonnie and Natalie ride Screamin' California. Man that's a fast ride!

On the last day the blondies got to pick a prize from Nonnie and Pops. Tatum chose this hat and felt like quite the princess.

Tuck chose an underwater Spiderman.

I would not want to be on the recieving end of Tuck's stink eye!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today Heidi and I have been married for 8 years. I just want to let everyone know that Heidi is the best wife, friend, mother and anything else you can imagine. I love her so very much and am lucky to have her!!!

Love you Heidi!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring T-ball

Tuck participated in spring t-ball and couldn't wait to get started. He played so much better this season and actually seemed to 'get it' a lot more than last season. There were no headstands or sitting breaks in the field. He wasn't as chatty with the other team while he was on base. He was all business and he took it very seriously!
Funny story. Tuck was on first base and we were sitting closer to home plate. Tuck yells rather loud while pointing to a man obviously on steroids, "Hey Dad, that guy's stronger than you!" Everybody heard and we all died laughing. He's super observant!
At the end of his season his coach had a party at Peter Piper Pizza, or Peter Pider Pizza as the blondies call it. He was SO thrilled to get his very own trophy with his name on it. He said it's the shortest trophy he's the only trophy he has. It was fun watching him learn, hit the ball, and slide into home plate even though he didn't need to!

Muffins With Mom

Tatum's class did Muffins With Mom, and ONLY moms. No brothers, no pets, and definitely no dads! Upon my arrival Tatum gave me a crown that said Queen Mom as well as a pink flower. She had spent all week on a drawing of me as well as a Mom's Fact List. SO CUTE! She was SO excited to show me all the things she worked so hard on.

The muffins, grapes, and punch were delicious! I loved spending time just with her. She's my girly!

She even sang 3 songs to me. One was cute, the other funny, and the last sweet...and I may or may not have had watery eyes.

Mommy Facts
by: Tatum
April 27, 2010

How old is she? 26
How tall is she? 5ft. 10 in
How much does she weigh? 135 lbs.
What color is her hair? brown and blond
What's her favorite drink and snack? water and crackers (news to me!)
What does she cook? soup
What's her favorite TV show: commercials
What's her favorite thing to do with you? play with me
What does she like to do for fun? swim
What does she do during the day? works at home
What's the one thing she says to you most often? I love you!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuck's Eye Mask

This is Tucker every night, sporting the eye mask.
I like how it matches these jammies.
He says without it he has night mares.
He's been known to stay up until 10 because he can't shut his eyes without it.
We think it's funny that he has at least 4 different eye masks.
I need to make him one to match his new quilt.
I find it ironic it says nice!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

San Tan Flat

In the name of quality family time we decided to mix things up a bit and try a new restaurant. I'm pretty sure we haven't had so much fun in quite a while!

Enjoying Daddy time before he moves to Utah!

Being silly while waiting for our burger and fries.

Not only do we get to eat but we get to make a fire and then leave smelling like the fire!

Tucker thought the fire was the best thing ever! He was happy to just sit and bake.

Still waiting for our food.


After we ate dinner we made smores! We brought all the fixings!

Tucker thought he died and went to Heaven!

There was even a live band! Tatum and Chris slow danced while Tuck shook his booty to the faster songs. He bounced his hip to the left and tapped his right foot. We had a marvelous time. The blondies are begging to go back. I think we'll become regulars!