Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spend the Nighter

Every year during Christmas break the blondies are invited to spend the night at Nonnie and Papa's where they are spoiled and get to sleep by the Christmas tree. This year was no different except they wanted to sleep in their bunk beds. Thanks Nonnie and Papa!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


The blondies had such a killer time ice skating we thought they would have an equally enjoyable time roller skating, after all they are about the same thing after all. Do you like how Chris' let is extended showing his fancy skates? Nice pose!

Oh boy were we wrong! It began happily but soon turned to whining! They did not appreciate the wheels on their roller skates. What the difference between slippery ice and rolling wheels? We went with our cute friends Sadie and Macie.

Tuck decided, after one lap around the rink he had had enough! Off came the skates and he spent the rest of the time pretending to play video games.

Chris was such a trooper, he has bigger muscles, and more patience than me so he was the lucky one who did most of the helping.

The general consensus was no roller skating and yes ice skating. After an hour we decided to bail. Atleast they tried it!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

This was one of my favorites. Nothing out of the ordinary, the usual family get togethers, Santa visits, yummy holiday goodies, that Christmas feeling...all were present but this year we are different. The memory of Jersey and our Christmas with her is still so fresh. All the acts of service, generosity, and sacrifice for our family are close to my memory as well. I am so grateful for the "normal" Christmas season we had this year, we REALLY enjoyed being together. My family is precious, how I love them. We have so many things to be grateful for and being together is just one of them.

The blondies were SO cute Christmas morning. I love the feeling of excitement! I love the squeals of delight and the twinkle in their eye. Surprisingly they slept until 7:30, I was even awake before them, wanting to sneak in their room and wake them up.

They both really wanted "real" walkie talkies, so they got them. They were super excited!

They both got "real" cameras and Tuck LOVED his marshmallow gun. Finally a "gun" that's totally harmless. He was pretty proud!

It's a rule of mine, and I suppose a tradition that we always get a new Christmas Day outfit. So here the blondies are sporting their new looks. And yes, if you are wondering, I made Tatum's skirt. And no, I didn't tell Tuck to pose, he did it on his own!

Aren't they cute!?!?! They're my favorite! Off to the grandparents!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We began our Christmas evening at the temple to view the lovely Christmas lights. It was cold, or maybe we're sissies. It was nice viewing several nativities from all over the world.

Next we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's for food and fun. We baked pizza, listened to Christmas music, and ate junk food. Auntie Lindsey brought gingerbread cookies to decorate and eat. Tuck enjoyed himself, he's very detail oriented and was a pro at frosting. Where was Tatum?

Here, pouting...saying she looked ugly in her new jammies. She didn't, she looked darling and so snuggly. She must have sat there a good hour before she finally snapped out of it. Tuck soon complained of a stomach ache. Not surprising, he'd been stuffing his face full of cookies and junk since we walked in the door. He said it was a sugar stomach ache. He begged to leave which meant it really hurt.
Before they could go to bed they had business to attend to. First came the sprinkling of reindeer food. Glitter to attract the reindeer's attention and oats for them to smell and eat after they land. Sprinkle, sprinkle.

Tuck was in charge of Rudolph. He took his job very seriously and insisted the plate be left outside, he did not want a big reindeer booty in our house.
Tatum was in charge of Santa. She decided 5 cookies would do the job.

How cute are they in their new Christmas jammies! This little tree has turned into their tree where they hang their personal ornaments. They think it's pretty cool they have their very own Christmas tree! Off to bed, pretty sure we hear Santa's sleigh bells!

Christmas Eve Day

Christmas Eve Day Chris and I took the blondies ice skating for the first time. That ice skating rink was FREEZING! and we were under dressed. Teeth chattering, red nosed, frozen fingered blondies had an amazing time! They never did get the hang of it, they spent most of the time clinging to the wall, but they loved it!

Here they are...clinging.

Dad has bigger muscles than me, they had more fun with him. They liked how he held them so they wouldn't fall. Surprisingly they didn't fall very much but when they did there were no tears and they got right back up. It's safe to say we'll go again.

After ice skating we blasted the heater and had a delicious lunch at In n Out, a fabulous way to end the afternoon!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa's Visit

Every year we are lucky enough to have our very own, personal visit from the big man up North, that's right, Santa Claus! The blondies LOVE when he visits and find a million things to say to him. And you better believe Chris and I threaten to call him when they are being naughty. He's even on Chris's speed dial, we don't mess around!

Tuck scored and was first to sit on Santa's lap. He wanted: walkie talkies most of all. Notice how he is smiling extra big to show the hole in his smile.

After they sit on Santa's lap they get to pick two little gifts out of Santa's bag.

Tatum is always a little shy. She too wanted real walkie talkies. She had a difficult time choosing what prize she wanted out of his bag.

Our friends, the Ridgeways, were lucky enough to be over when Santa made his appearance. Here's the group: Tuck, Tatum, Kanyon, Emerson, and Ainsley...and Santa of course! It was fun to hear their excited talking and see the look of magic in their eyes. Thank you Santa, we love you!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Fox Tooth has Left the Mouth!

The last remaining fox tooth has left the mouth! Tucker bravely and fearlessly pulled it himself!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

White Trash Snow

So, Basha's parking lot, about 100 bags of ice, one big snow cone maker, and you've got a huge, slushy, muddy pile of hard packed "snow". If you could even call it snow. Chris and I stood there laughing at how white trashy we felt.
But at the end of the 10 minutes that we would allow ourselves to be seen there the blondies enjoyed themselves. And that's about as close to snow as we get here in these parts!

Boobie Trap

We were watching Home Alone 3 last night and somebody asked what was happening.

Me: He's making a trap.
Tucker pips up: No, it's a boobie trap. You know mom, like you have boobies. A boobie trap.

Thanks for clearing that right up!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tatum's Gingerbread Making

For Tatum's class party the last day before winter break they made gingerbread houses, or graham cracker and milk carton houses. I was lucky enough to be in attendance and LOVED spending time with her. We laughed and chatted while we constructed.

Tatum in action.

She decided rather than wasting all the extra frosting she'd eat it by the spoonful!

Ta Dah! The finished product! She was practically salivating as we walked out of her class room, she couldn't wait to devour her hard work!

Two of Tatum's bff's, or bffe (best friends forever even until you die) as she'd say. Tyler, Cassie, and Tatum.

Tyler and Her Noggin

One of Tatum's best little friends, Tyler Woods, fell at PE and hit her head resulting in a skull fracture. The poor dear spent the night in the hospital and was not allowed back at school for 5 days. Tatum was quite upset about this. All she talked about was Tyler, how bad she felt. She said she even cried she was so sad. Sweet thing! Tatum was aching to see her so I took Ella, Tatum, and Annalise to Walmart to get Tyler some jammies to lay around in and a movie to watch. Then we paid Tyler a visit!

It was so sweet watching the girls treat Tyler carefully and so special. The girls also brought Tyler her homework and the get well cards the class made her. They sat in a princess castle giggling and chatting while they went through the stack. I loved watching these girlies interact, they were excited, thoughtful, and loving. Tatum talked about Tyler for weeks and is grateful she is feeling and looking much better!