Monday, April 26, 2010

The Blue Dot

One of the two blondies has recently been having a hard time telling the truth. Sometimes these lies are so believable and said so convincingly I believe them. Other times the story is so bizarre it's quite obvious it's a lie.

Well, one day I was scolding said blondie and they absolutely insisted they didn't do it. I knew other wise. It just so happens in our house when you tell a lie a blue dot shows up on your forehead. I saw the blue dot. I told the blondie what I saw and what it meant. They immediately put their hand over their forehead. The dot moved to their hand. They ran to the mirror to see it. Only mommies and daddies see it. They were busted and they knew it. They fessed up. They apologized. We moved on.
Now anytime this particular blondie is having difficulty telling the truth they ask if I can see the dot. I can. They smile and quit pulling their shenanigan. It's worked quite well. I wish the blue dot would have been invented much sooner. It produces results. It keeps them honest. It's keeps me happy. I wonder how long before they catch on....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Easter Photo Shoot

We always have to have an Easter photo shoot! We were one big happy matchy family and nobody even whined! Tucker was in rare form and loved the camera.

How handsome is he!! He's such a stud!

How handsome are my boys... or the twins they look so much alike!

He may not always agree but he really does loves me! He's my buddy, my favorite snuggler!

Ahhhhh! Matchy matchy! Not a bad picture by Tucker the photographer.

Tucker and I being silly while we waited for Tatum to finish up her melt down.

My blondies, aren't they darling! And so matchy!

It's not a dress unless it twirls!

The princess.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tucker's Brush With The Law

A Story

It was the day before Easter so Tatum, Tucker and I went to Fry's to get some flowers to bring to Jersey Girl Easter morning. We walked the looooong stretch to the flowers and along the way Tuck asked if he could have some candy. I told him no that we were there for flowers and nothing else. They picked the perfect roses, fully of color and fragrance.

We'd loaded ourselves in the car and are driving off when I heard a wrapper being opened. I looked back and Tucker was opening some candy. I asked him where he got it and he pointed to the floor of the car and said it was right there. I asked him again and he shrugged his shoulders. And then I realized where he got it. He stole it. My heart sank, I knew this would happen sooner or later. I asked him if he stole it and by the expression on his face I knew that he had. He knew it was wrong. We were still in the parking lot of the store so we parked and got out. Well, Tatum and I got out, Tuck refused. He would not get out. Wanting to teach him well and good for hopefully the first and last time I told him if he wouldn't get out I'd have to call the police. That got him moving!

We walked into the store and I explained to the greeter that my son had just stolen this candy and could we please talk to a manager that will scare Tucker a bit. He found one and she was good! She bent down to his level and told him her name. She asked his but he wouldn't speak. She asked him if he stole the candy. Again he wouldn't speak. I told Tucker that if we wouldn't speak to the nice lady she'd have to call the police and he'd have to talk to them. He started talking. She explained that stealing is dishonest and wrong and if he would promise not to do it again she would forgive him. He nodded his head and told her sorry. It ended with a high five and we left.

I hated going back in there, I hated feeling his elevated heart beat, I hated watching him squirm but it's a lesson he needed to learn. We didn't talk about it any more. I know he was forgiven and as a parent I also had to forgive. I hope he remembers this experience and learns from it. I won't be as nice the second time. Do you think they really would call the police on a 5 year old for swiping candy? THAT would be a story.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Desert Picnic

Growing up we often did picnics in the desert. For our family we LOVED these picnics, they are no small business. We find a spot out in the desert with a field, takes some searching but recently we've found the perfect spot we'll hopefully keep for a while. My Gramps, who is one tough dude, made a mean meal of fried chicken, biscuits, potatoes, and pineapple upside down cake in DUTCH OVENS!! The meal was absolutely to die for, and of course we ate way to much!

Tatum looking pink and cute. And little miss thang, Leah, also made an appearance.

As per our picnic tradition we played soft ball. Tuck was thrilled! He hit well until...

He hit a fowl ball that hit him in the head. He was very upset about the whole thing and was then finished playing ball for the rest of the afternoon. Later that night I asked him if he had a fun time in the desert. He, with much anger in his voice, said no he did not! That nobody said sorry for hitting him in the head! I burst out laughing while trying to explain that HE hit himself in the head so HE needs to say sorry. He didn't get it, he's a grudge holder.

This year we mixed up the activities a little and included red rover. It was fun, it might become another desert picnic tradition. Those are some of my cute cousins, with the exception of my Auntie Kim in the gray shirt.

It's always so exciting when you get your name called! Time to show off your skills and strategery. Tuck thought he was pretty cool!

Even Auntie Kim was excited! Look at her face, she's determined!!

Fun was had by all! It was a lovely spring afternoon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Break = Trampoline With Water

So I'm a little behind...sue me. :) The day spring break began Tatum came home from school and both her and Tuck decided it was time to break out the swimsuits and get wet! They had a marvelous time and while the water was still a tad cold they didn't seem to notice.

Tucker is SUCH a boy!

Tuck's Belt

This kid is rather hilarious...when he's not being a hand full. He LOVES to attach things to his belt. Makes him feel cool. Important. Grown up. On this particular day he had some very important paper folded to keep it's contents a secret, his 'real' walky talky, his watch (it was broken but don't tell him) and his cell. He's one cool dude. He wore it like that ALL day and when he walked he had a strut.