Sunday, February 24, 2008

Killer Find

You know those people who ALWAYS seem to find killer deals not matter where or when they go shopping? I am not one of those lucky people, I never have been. So you can imagine my sheer joy when I stumbled upon this not so darling but cute enough dress for Tater. It cost me $1.64, I couldn't believe my eyes. Score! I had to seriously look at the tag 2 or 3 times before I believed it, and even when I checked out I was surprised that it really was $1.64. Maybe my luck is turning, I hope!

Short Hair = Love...Usually

There's just something about short hair that we love. It's more sassy, more attitude, more us. Not that we try to be snobby but we just can't help it with our short, a-lined hair. We love that our short hair bounces and that we can get it so poofy. What we very much don't like is what it looks like when we wake up! It takes a lot of work to get the knots and frizz out of this! In the mornings when I'm unsuccessfully trying to brush this rats nest Tatum delcares "No more hair cuts!" but, as soon as her hair is smoothed and it bounces when she walks she admires herself in the mirror and once again decides that she loves her short tresses.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

AHHHHHHH.... a bug!

T & T got invited to spend the night at their Noni's house Sunday evening. When they go to Noni's house they do all sorts of cool things I'm to boring to do. Like their breakfast for example, my mom set them a cute table, made pink pancakes and called it the Sweet Heart Cafe. They of course loved it. Later in the day they went to the temple and had a photo shoot. In the top row, 5th picture Tuck looks like he's preaching a sermon and Tatum's sassy posse with her hands on her hips, 2nd row 4th picture are 2 of my favorites.

This video is so sweet and so Tatum. Could she be any more of a girl?

Sunday, February 10, 2008


This is us eating donuts, well, them eating donuts. Occassionally for a treat we stop by Basha's for a morning donut which is always super fun. They get to chose their very own donut and then we sit and enjoy them in the store. Well, we decided to make the trek Thursday morning and we were waiting in line and this sweet older lady was ahead of us and she was taking a little longer than usual. I had an extra girlie with me and my three rugrats kept touching everything and talking a little louder than they should which kept me reminding them to fold their arms, quit touching and CHILL OUT! Anyways, this sweet lady decides that we are going to be her "act of service" for the day and paid for our donuts. She had the biggest smile and was happy to cover our 4 donuts. I am thankful for suprises like these that make me stop and think of areas I could be helping others. I love the feeling I get when helping somebody because I love them, it's kind of intoxicating and I wish I could remember that feeling more as I'm sure I'd be more apt to search for opportunities to do anything I can for somebody else.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I went to my very first bead party last night and
and look what I made for Tater. The pictures don't do these cute neckalces justice but they're darling! But shhhhhh, don't ask her about them as she's not getting them until Valentine's Day and Easter.
I'm pretty sure going last night was a really big mistake as I'm feeling borderline obsessed! It's only been 10 hours since I left the girly, bead party and I already need another fix! My neck is aching for more bling bling and my fingers need to touch the smooth facets of the swarovski crystal. Needless to say, I'm gonna have a bead party. Anybody interested?