Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gilbert Days Parade

On Saturday my rugrats experienced their first official parade, the Gilbert Days Parade. I was more than a little worried they would be bored and ready to go 5 minutes after it started but I was pleasantly surprised! We ended up staying the entire time and had plenty of oohs and aahs. Tatum's favorite part was dancing to all the music, I wouldn't really call it dancing, more like jumping. Tuck's favorite was a toss up, either the 2,000 horses or the motorcycles.
Tatum and I sitting on the curb enjoying the view.

Tuck insisted on wearing his glasses AND the hat. At least his hat matched his pants!

Our cute little friends Sadi and Maci came with us. They sat in their wagons waiting for the parade to start. It didn't last long though, they wanted to play in the street most of the time. Thank you Sadi and Maci for being our friends and for coming with us!


Ashleigh & Zebb Shappell said...

Ahh gotta love Gilbert Days!!

p.s. you should talk to tara! she has some news to tell you I don't think you'll wanna wait the whole weekend!!!

Shabwan said...

Love the shades!!!! And I want to know what Tara has to tell????

urkov fam said...

love the radio flyer wagon! did you guys buy one too?

Mandi said...

OH, the Gilbert Day's parade! I miss those days! Your kids are super cute! I haven't yet taken my kids to a parade, but I think it will be so fun. May I say that you are so beautiful! So are your kids! You'll have to let me know how Black Friday goes. Too bad you aren't in closer proximity to Utah, we have plans to attend the Tai Pan (is that what it's called?)