Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Training

Gotta love spring training! My family goes every year and since Tucker wants to be a baseball player, not a missionary, when he grows up we decided it'd be fun if he went. He brought his glove just in case a foul ball should come his, he was gonna catch it!

We were disappointed when in the first 5 minutes of the game starting sweet Tucker asks, "When is it going to be over?" He spent the rest of the game shoveling popcorn in his mouth, which he stole from Auntie Callie, and anything else he could get his hands on and rubbing his sweaty head. He also laughed and pointed at all the moobs (man boobs) he saw! Funny kid!

Tatum was invited but she chose to go on a date with her Noni who loves and spoiles her!

Before we left the park Tuck insisted on getting his pictures infront of these "baseball dudes".

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bead Party!!

Time for another BEAD PARTY!!
Who? You and your friends! And YES, all you blog stalkers!
Where? My house (call or e-mail for directions)
When? Tuesday, March 31 @ 7:00-???
Think Easter dresses, Easter baskets, and gifts. Come early and stay late! Bling, bling baby!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Leeeeeemnaaaaaade, 10 cents!

How to make lemonade and sell it:
1st you squeeze the lemons
2nd you get lemon juice in your eyes
3rd you put on nifty goggles to avoid getting more lemon juice in your eye

4th you make a sign to advertise and laugh because the letters gradually get bigger

5th you sit by your stand and hope somebody drives by
6th when you see an approaching car you jump up and down until they stop or drive by
7th if you are Tucker you spit at the car who drove by and didn't stop and then say ugly words
8th if you are Tucker's mom you explain patience and its value

9th after a very long couple of impatient minutes you drink your product
All in all they were quite successful! They earned $7.56, not bad for an hour and a sunburn!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Found: Ninja the Turtle

LOOK WHO CAME HOME!!! FOUND: Ninja the turtle after missing for 4 months was returned safely home to his daddy, Tucker Sam, who joyfully hugged him. "Hey little buddy," he exclaimed. We're thankful he's home, safe and sound. Thank you all for your continued concern for the well being of our Ninja turtle.

Tuck was so excited to show Gisele, Ninja's sister, that her brother was home. We never told Tucker Ninja had died; for all we knew he hadn't. Instead we told him Ninja was camping and because he was having such a fun time he wanted to continue doing so. Well, he's done camping and he's home for good!

Welcome home Ninja, welcome home!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Old and New Happenings

So it's been a while, I've been out of family blogging. Here's the last 2 months.

Our good friend is a Chandler fire fighter and was nice enough to give us a tour of his station. Since then, Tucker has decided along with being an astronaut he is going to be a fireman.

We went with our good, little friends to the Phoenix Children's Museum. We love that place!

We "hiked" the San Tan Mountains with some of our favorite friends, Ainsley and Emerson. We like to think their angel sisters, Eden and Jersey, were flying right beside us!

Chris got 5 stitches playing church basketball. We still haven't seen those cookies like Josh promised.

I added just a touch of pink to my hair, I rather like it! I have a free ticket to do just about anything so I used it!

Baking buddies. I'm not sure what we were making but hopefully it was something sweet, just like us!

Tucker couldn't have just any birthday cake, it had to be pumpkin squares. Just because he had Batman last year doesn't mean he couldn't have him this year.

Tuck's favorite gift was "army dudes" and "army things".

Horsey riding.

Tatum and I went on a girl's date. What better to do than get a pedicure and a manicure. She didn't like the smell of the polish remover so she very lady like plugged her nose. Ta-DA, her finished tootsies. Aren't they lovely!

We went to the zoo with Nurse Nicole and little Addie. They''re really excited, especially Tatum.

Hey Partner!

For babysitting group we thought it would fun to heart attack our neighbors. After assembling a zillion hearts we snuck across the street and filled their lawn with love.

When finished we rang the doorbell, raced across the street, and then spied. The kids loved hearing the excited shrieks but what they loved most was being sneaky. Shhhh, don't tell the Marx!

The biggest, most exciting thing we did was DISNEYLAND!!

We are in the car just about to Disneyland, this is them being super excited!

Isn't this picture a must? I think it's the cardinal rule to have your picture taken here. We can feel the magic, 3 full days of Disney bliss ahead of us!

The actual castle of Cinderella!

Yes Tatum, Cinderella actually lives here, for real! She was thrilled to be witnessing the home of a beloved princess. Tatum is all about the princesses.

Tatum wasn't feeling the spirit of the Disneyland lines. Little did she know what lie ahead. Peter Pan was our very first ride. Tuck and Chris anxiously await lift off.

Day 1 was a complete success! They were hooked! The had "so much stinken fun" they were out before we got to the tram. They went straight to bed without any dinner or complaints.

We absolutely could not go to Disneyland and NOT get a churro, or 8!

A favorite ride was Autopia. They felt so hip driving their own car and being proud owners of a "real" driver's license.

Aren't we all cute!

Sadly we did NOT see one single princess. Poor Tatum was so disappointed. So instead of a princess she settled for Mary Poppins and Burt.

It was Chris's job to take them on all the twirly rides. It's simply not worth the head ache.

This was the last day. We were all tired, grouchy, and sick of the camera!

Splash Mountain was the #1 ride for T&T. We must have ridden it more than a dozen times. If you sit in the very back you don't get wet which means you don't mess up your hair. Tatum was furious when she got soaked, we went home early that night. Tucker on the other hand thought it was "totally awesome".

Ahhhh. Waiting for A Bug's Life, which the cupcakes hated by the way.
Funny story and this has nothing to do with the pictures below. Tucker and I were in a very crowded, noisy women's bathroom. I finished and was waiting for Tuck. Above the noise I hear, "Mooooooooooooom, cooooooooome and wiiiiiiiiiiiipe mmmmmme!" Seriously, wipe your own buns and be quick about it, but no, he insisted I do it. I wasn't about to crawl on that nasty bathroom floor and begged him to do his own dirty work. Luckily there was a worker lady who stuck her broom stick up and over the stall and opened his door. She's my new hero!

Anybody who knows Tatum knows that she adores Tink. She has stayed faithful to her since she was 2 so you can imagine how absolutely thrilled she was to meet her in the flesh.

Tatum worked very hard on this beautiful picture to give to Tink and yes, Tinkerbell LOVED it!

Well, fun was had by all! The favorite rides were: Splash Mountain, the Mader Horn, and Thunder Mountain Rail Road. Tatum loved the Tower of Terror while Tucker screamed and cried the whole time. They absolutely hated the Haunted House and A Bug's Life. I hope they felt the magic and wonder of Disneyland becuase even as an adult I know I did.

Jumping on the tramp with water in February.

I was lucky enough to go on a get away to Utah and Chris and the cupcakes were left at home to spend some 1 on 2 time together. Chris stole this box from our neighbor's trash and let them watch a movie while eating popcorn in it. Whatever makes them happy, right?