Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Official!

Yes, the rumors are true.
We are moving to Utah so Chris can go to Physical Therapy (PT) school.
His school is in Provo so we hope to live in either Orem or Springville.
Having never lived there we'll have to base our decision on their elementary schools.
I admit, I'm a school snob and want only the best for my blondies!

School starts May 10th, so soon!
Chris will be moving all by his lonesome as Tater's school doesn't end until June 2nd.
A whole month as a bachelor and a whole month as a single mom!
I'm not afraid of my blondies!
It's a two and a half year program, begins in May 2010 and ends in December 2012.
We'll be back in AZ before we know it!
T&T are excited, well...mostly.
When I broke the news to them Tuck says,
"What the hell?"
I don't think it's registered that they're leaving their family and friends.
They'll find out soon enough.
But we're excited.
A little nervous.
Looking forward to the gorgeous summers dreading the arctic winters!
It doesn't matter where we live...
As long as we're together!


Heather said...

Oh exciting! You will do wonderfully. I hear ya on big changes with all the nerves and unknown. I am jealous your school is so short. We are looking at 8-10 years. Ah, yes, change is good, right? :)

MommyRohner said...

Ha! Tucker cracks me up! I was just telling Brandon yesterday that I wanted to spend all summer in Utah. We'll need to plan some time together. My Sister-in-laws in-laws : ) live in Springville and it's a really nice place. I know the mother in law is in a bookclub. It's probably not as good as ours, but it's somethin'. You'll be great, and everyone there will love you and won't want to see you go. But always remember, you are OURS!

Nichols Family said...

Yeah, guys, Tucker is right, what the hell? DONT GO!!!! ;)

Good luck with the move! I still hope to see you a lot before you move so let's start planning some fun playdates...and of course the Book club cabin trip. You going?

We will miss you guys tons! But I know 2 years will fly by. Love you guys.

Mindi D said...

I may be one of the only ones that says YAY!!! I am so happy to have you closer! I love Tuck. He's gotta be the cutest little guy. 4 is my FAVORITE age, they are soo true to life! I can't wait :) Summer is just pleasant, nothing like AZ :) But winter is bitter. We stay in for the most part! Can't wait!! Yee haw!!

Mindi D said...

I love Tatum too, i just re read that post and thought it sounded mean that i left her out. I had Tuck on the brain from the 'what the hell' comment. Koy will be happy to have her closer, they'll have to get together for a play "date" :)

Linnea said...

It will go a lot faster than you think! I'm not sure if you've heard of, but it is a good resource when looking for a good school for your kiddos. Good luck!!!

Dennison Family said...

What am I going to do without YOU!! Luckily, we can talk on the phone all we want!!! I'm very excited for your adventure (and a little jealous!) You guys will have a GREAT time! You will just have to keep your blog VERY updated! :)

The Simmons Family said...

Congratulations!!! Utah is a fun change of scenery and you can go hiking in the mountains, and have campfires anytime, I'm actually a bit jealous!

I lived there for 10 yrs and loved it!

You will be missed in the blistering desert, but what an adventure!!

Evie's Story said...

Now why could you not have moved LAST summer so you'd have been there when we drove across Utah?:-)

Hallowsboys said...

That is great news I am sure for your family. Bring some sun with you as its been dreary here. I am a school snob too, I hope you aren't too disappointed, I supplement my boys as they are much more behind here than where I grew up in the education dept. Welcome and let me know if you need anything.

The Kemptons said...

I am excited for you guys. And that Tucker just kills me. I love the stuff that comes out of his mouth. Good luck with the move Heidi dear.

Kelly Norton said...

So sad to have you leave, but it is a wonderful "adventure" for the next little while. I was just telling my sister about you yesterday, and that I'd have to get you two together. I taught in the Nebo District and lived in Springville, so I am partial to that. My sister teaches in Payson and the principal is WONDERFUL (SpringLake Elem.). My sister lives in Spanish Fork, just over the Springville border in some nice, new town homes. We should talk.

Netso said...

YaY!!!! Sky will have a friend in "P" town!!! can't wait!!! We will teach you how to snowboard, then you'll love the winter:)

Janalyn said...

Wow Heidi. I'm not happy, but I'm betting Lori is when you tell her! At least it's only 2 years.
Don't let your kids go to the school I student taught at in Springville. Feel free to email about it.

Jen Olson Brown said...

Congratulations Chris! That's great!!! Love you Heidi!