Friday, March 12, 2010

Running Club

At Tatum's school there such thing as Running Club. Two days a week after school the members of this club see how many laps they can run. Tatum decided she wanted to join and of course, I encouraged her. Well, come November she was DONE! She no longer found it exciting and dint' care that some of her best little friends ran with her. I was a mean mom and told her she committed and had to stick with it until after Christmas. Well, her teacher convinced her to keep going because the races were coming up and she would really like them. Tater chose to continue and her teacher was right, she LOVED the races!

The evening before her first race we talked about how if she does her very best she will always win. Being a kindergartner there was absolutely no way she'd win the race. Chris pipes that there are winners and losers and if you don't Cross the finish line first you're a loser. Nice. I wish I had lazer eyes, I would have zapped him! She went to bed excited for the next day!

It was SO fun watching her run. Tucker and I screamed her name and jumped up and down like fools. I liked how as she approached us she tried not to smile or make eye contact. She's SO cute!

Here she is nearing the finish line. The entire coarse is 1.5 miles, a far run for little leggies!
In the end all the pain, sweat, and tears were worth that green ribbon! Oh was she proud of that ribbon! She totted it around every where she went! And just because she was running a race didn't mean she didn't need her bows, bracelet, and necklace on!

I was proud of her for sticking it out the entire season!


The Simmons Family said...

Way to go Tatum!!! You are just about the prettiest, dolled up, runner I've ever seen!! Most of the time people look all sweaty and messy after running, but not you!! Congrats on finishing the race!

Deana said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! My favorite is that she did it in a skirt?? I have a bracelet that says, "Great things can be accomplished in blouses and high heels"!!! Good job Tatum!!

Evie's Story said...

Oh Heidi. I just laughed. I LOVE that the little diva ran with a skirt and bling. So Tatum! Your blondies are adorable.

Thanks for the update and pics. You've been on my heart a lot lately. heartfelt prayers....!!

Dennison Family said...

Way to Go, Tatum!! What a great runner, just like her mommy!!

Nicole said...

I love that she was in a skirt and all of her bling. She is so you. I love it!