Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Easter Photo Shoot

We always have to have an Easter photo shoot! We were one big happy matchy family and nobody even whined! Tucker was in rare form and loved the camera.

How handsome is he!! He's such a stud!

How handsome are my boys... or the twins they look so much alike!

He may not always agree but he really does loves me! He's my buddy, my favorite snuggler!

Ahhhhh! Matchy matchy! Not a bad picture by Tucker the photographer.

Tucker and I being silly while we waited for Tatum to finish up her melt down.

My blondies, aren't they darling! And so matchy!

It's not a dress unless it twirls!

The princess.


Evie's Story said...

LOVE the picture of Tuck kissing you! Arent lil' boys the sweetest things....well, when they arent being such BOYS:) He adores his beautiful momma! What a gorgeous family ya'll are!

the cummard family said...

really excited to have some more of az here in ut! sounds like your story is similar to mine. i was a single parent of 4 for a good month as well. we survived...barely. haha. call me when you get here! i'd love to help with whatever.

Nicole said...

You guys are so dang cute!!!!

Jenna said...

Perfect pics Heids! I love the outfits! So next
time you go to see Jersey call me. I haven't been back to visit Mom. It'd be nice to go with someone. So date night not this weekend but next? I got a lot to show and tell you!! Ha ha:-) you need to come over during the week one night and we can eat yogurt jungle and watch a fabulous movie since Damons always gone. It's been fine though. Sometimes I think I don't give myself credit for being stronger than I think I am :-) you will be coming to see me every Disneyland trip you know that right!!!!! We will party in Newport. They hve yogurtland so close and a sprinkles!!! Love ya

The Talley Family said...

I saw your cute kids in primary today. I was bummed that neither of them were in my class.

{ Bethany } said...

I recognize those clothes! I love Children's Place, haha! We bought the same ones. :) Psst...I like matchy-matchy sometimes, too.


aaaa said...

childrens beautiful