Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Bead Party!

It's a Bead Party and You're Invited!
(that includes all you blog stalkers!)

WHO: You and a friend...or 2....or 3...

WHERE: My house (call or e-mail for directions)

WHEN: March 23rd, from 7-LATE!!

Come early and stay late, the fiesta will be ALL night!
All you need to bring is your wallet, the rest will be supplied. Just think...BEADS GALORE! Lots of BLING and GIRLY CHATTING!
Shop for those Easter outfits and bring them along to match your bling to!
Make something for yourself, your princess, or as a gift!

Bring a friend and get 10% off!

Check out this blog to get an idea of what you can make or to get the creative juices flowin'!

Hope you can make it!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Disneyland, Trip #3

We were lucky enough to go to Disneyland with Auntie Aimee and Uncle Brandon, or as Tucker called him ALL weekend, Uncle Brandi! Aimee and I thought Tucker was hilarious calling Brandon Brandi, not so sure he felt the same but he was a good sport! Chris decided to sit this one out, party pooper! We had a marvelous weekend filled with smiles, fun, and laughter!

First ride is always Peter Pan, gotta get there while the line is short! It's one of our favorites, thanks Brandi for breaking your tradition and following ours!
It's so rare for Tucker to cooperate for a photo so if you find yourself thinking I have a favorite child you're wrong, one listens and one doesn't! I thought this photo of Tuck was cute, I love that goofy smile! And Tatum is cute as ever, she's my princess!

Brandon was such a champ with Tucker, tuck loves Uncle Brandi and insisted Brandon be the one to sit by, stand by, ride with, and push him. I guess the boys stick together!

Tater saw Jessi and HAD to get a picture with her. The Toy Story Ride at California Adventures is on our Top 3 list.

A is for Anderson.

Look who Tatum met! And how fabulous she be wearing the SAME shirt Cinderella stars in!

WOW! All 3 of us smiling! It's gonna be a great day, and it was!

It should be considered a sin to go to Disneyland and not scarf at least one churro!

The sun was super bright okay!?!?!? Autopia is fun ONLY because 1. the blondies think they are really driving 2. they laugh hysterically which in turn makes me laugh and 3. when the workers aren't looking you can ram the car in front of you!

Aimee and I about died laughing at Brandon and his turkey leg! He salivated every time we passed a stand all weekend and finally caved the last few hours left and bought one. Between him and Tuck there wasn't much left!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Running Club

At Tatum's school there such thing as Running Club. Two days a week after school the members of this club see how many laps they can run. Tatum decided she wanted to join and of course, I encouraged her. Well, come November she was DONE! She no longer found it exciting and dint' care that some of her best little friends ran with her. I was a mean mom and told her she committed and had to stick with it until after Christmas. Well, her teacher convinced her to keep going because the races were coming up and she would really like them. Tater chose to continue and her teacher was right, she LOVED the races!

The evening before her first race we talked about how if she does her very best she will always win. Being a kindergartner there was absolutely no way she'd win the race. Chris pipes that there are winners and losers and if you don't Cross the finish line first you're a loser. Nice. I wish I had lazer eyes, I would have zapped him! She went to bed excited for the next day!

It was SO fun watching her run. Tucker and I screamed her name and jumped up and down like fools. I liked how as she approached us she tried not to smile or make eye contact. She's SO cute!

Here she is nearing the finish line. The entire coarse is 1.5 miles, a far run for little leggies!
In the end all the pain, sweat, and tears were worth that green ribbon! Oh was she proud of that ribbon! She totted it around every where she went! And just because she was running a race didn't mean she didn't need her bows, bracelet, and necklace on!

I was proud of her for sticking it out the entire season!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good bye Rose, Hello Lula

For Christmas Santa brought Rose, our hamster. The blondies instantly fell in love and Tucker decided her name should be Rose, and so it was. Rose was a good addition to the fam-damily. Though we didn't appreciate when she nibbled on our fingers she didn't seem to mind being held and the blondies spent many an hour playing with her. She only escaped once and Chris, of all people, found her and had to capture her. Back up, Chris is AFRAID of this little fur ball. He didn't like Rose and didn't approve of Santa bringing her so for him to be the one to capture her was a big deal! Quite comical actually! One morning I held Rosy, that's what we affectionately called her, and noticed she was bigger. I thought she might be pregnant and ran to the computer to research, she wasn't. We soon noticed other maladies and sweet Rose was obviously sick. As the days went on she became worse and worse. It was quite clear Rose would soon die...but she wouldn't die. I tried giving her an enormous dose of morphine but the stubborn thing wouldn't take ANY of it. She needed to be put out of her misery and soon!

Chris, being the loving guy he is-insert a chuckle, matter of factly said he'd "take care of her". So he got all pumped up, made sure his BB gun worked AND that the blondies were fast asleep, but in the end he just couldn't do it. He called a buddy in our ward and he agreed to do the dirty work. And that was the end of Rose.

The blondies knew she was sick. We talked about her at dinner that evening and I assured them she was so sick that tonight she would die. They didn't know what Rose's fate was. I broke the news to them the next morning over breakfast. Crappy way to start the day. Tatum quickly whipped up a few tears. She asked while sobbing, "Tell me you didn't flush her in the toilet!". Seriously Tatum? Thankfully we didn't. I assured her she was buried in a lovely box. Then she asked, "Will she get a headstone?". Ugggh, I hate that they know all about headstones. Tucker went and sat on the couch and angrily yelled at me, " Why did you tell me that!?!?!". He wouldn't let me hug or console him. They soon dried their eyes and before breakfast was over Tatum wanted to know if we could get another. So....

Meet Lula. They picked her out all themselves. The only requirement was that she not have red eyes; red eyes are scary! She's a blondie, just like T&T, they liked that. She has yet to let us really hold her, she's flinchy and squirmy. T&T are quite persistent, eventually Lula will see it their way!