Saturday, March 15, 2008

Canned Specimen...or Chicken

My new obsession is canning...seriously, canning? But it's so rewarding. I first canned pinto beans with my Granny and I HAD to do more; my Gran and I even went to a canning lesson at Shar's Kitchen. My good friend Crystal raves over her canned chicken, it's convenience and flavor. And of course I NEEDED some. So last Friday we spent 7, yes 7, hours trimming, canning, and waiting for 32 delicious jars of canned chicken to get pressure cooked.

We HAD to use gloves of course while trimming the yuckys off, who actually touches raw meat? Not Crystal or I! Then we stuffed the slimy chicken into jars which does't really look like chicken, more like a specimen from a lab, and then loaded Big Bertha, the pressure cooker, and impatiently awaited our chicken.

Here's the finished product, still looking like a specimen but it is so tasty! Look at all our jars! We're set for a few months and then we'll buy another 40 lbs. of chicken and get to work.


Monkey Pants said...

You guys should teach a class so we can all have specimen for dinner! Looks so good!

No really, you should teach.

lindsey said...

i have never heard of canning chicken..what an awesome thing! did you really do 40 lbs????

i want to learn how to do that, seriously!!!

Heather said...

Woo hoo Heidi homemaker! I could and should get on board with that.

Kim said...

I don't know what looks nastier, the before or after cooked product. Good for you.