Monday, March 24, 2008

The Easter Festivities, a Forever Long Post

I love holidays! I love seeing my kids get so excited for the upcoming activities! I love seeing all our family, we're SO lucky to have them all so close! I love the excitement and feeling in the air! Easter this year had all of those qualities. We went to the Easter pageant the evening of the dress rehearsal with some of our favorite little friends: Aston, Jayden, Sadie and Macie. We got front row seats, I mean NOBODY was in front of us. It was so fun to be up close and personal, seeing the faces of the people acting was so nice, usually we're in the nose bleed section. The kids had fun together, mine ate the whole time! When is was over the Spanish rehearsal was right after so we thought we'd stay and chat until it started. We hear over the loud speaker the a little boy in a green shirt and hat is found and is waiting at the flag pole. Whoops! Aston had escaped our watchful eyes and thought he'd check things out himself. Tatum was VERY upset we couldn't stay and watch the "Jesus show" again, even if we couldn't understand anything they were saying. They were really concerned about the crucifixion. I explained everything happening and they kept saying, "Poor Jesus". Tucker wanted to "spit on the bad guys", uhhh, I don't think so.

They loved the pageant SO much we had to go again. This time Daddy, Noni and Papa got to come. We went early and ate dinner while we waited FOREVER for the play to start. While we waited we got to meet the cast. There's John the Baptist, one of the three kings, and a Roman soldier. Leave it to Tucker to say funny things really loud, like: "Why is Jesus King of the Juice?" or "Peter? Hey, like Peter in Spider Man!". Everybody around us was laughing, hopefully with us!

Of course we colored Easter eggs. They did really well, we only had one fatality. Never mind that Tucker's eggs are pink!


Ta-dah! It took a lot of work and concentration to make these babies. I know you can't tell but they sparkle! We thought they'd look better with glitter and man did they sparkle, and what a mess they made!

I would like to announce that we have the coolest family ever. Growing up we'd do cookouts in the desert quite often but as we've all gotten older and more busy they seem to have fizzled out. We still love them and when they happen it's sure to be a party. On the menu: fried chicken and a bazillion salads. Uncle Brandon was the head chef as Gramps had just had hand surgery. I love this picture of him because he always seems to have this doofy look on his face. My Granny and Mother prepared the chicken before it was cooked. And all those tasty salads...yum!

While we waited for lunch/dinner to be cooked we did what we do best, hung out and chatted! These days in the desert are so nice because we're forced to turn off the busy, noisy everyday things and relax and talk with our families. Tucker wanted to bring his shades and his "dirty baseball" which he carried around most of the morning. Tater colored with all my little cousins. Yes, those are all my first cousins: Tatum, Kamry/Kennedy, Stori, Kamry/Kennedy, and Ruby. This last picture is of our cookout set up. Gotta love those awnings, they saved us- it was a warm, windless day and without those we would have baked!

A grand tradition of the cookouts is playing softball. Tucker absolutely LOVES baseball and he was so excited to be able to play. I love his glove that's way to big and he insists on wearing it. I love this picture of him "getting ready". He's so cute and so serious, he loves baseball!

He got this bat as an early Easter gift. Ready, set, swing batter!

I was even brave and hit a few myself. I did pretty dang good for not having played in who knows how long. Embarrassingly enough I was sore the next day. Who knew swinging a bat was an ab exercise?

There was a massive Eater egg hunt of course. Here's the little girlies, and Tuck, showing off their prized baskets: Tatum, the twins, and Tuck.

Yep, it's what you guessed: an egg hidden under poop!

Tucker getting serious about finding some loaded eggs.

The hunt wasn't without injury, it was tough out there but over all Tatum pulled through and this teeny, tiny, little scratch that she whaled about turned out to be no big deal.

Tucker was more interested in what was in his eggs than actually finding the eggs. I asked him what he got and being the boy he is he opened his mouth and showed me.

While the all the little kiddies were hunting the older boys found this! A rattlesnake! Even though we are clearly in his territory he has no right to come so close to our camp with so many little kids around. The men did what any man would do, they shot it, beheaded it, threw it in the air, and scarred their old Granny with it making her say all sorts of ugly words.
We got home from the cookout and went straight to the showers. The Easter Bunny came while T&T were showering (more motivation for them to cut the shower short and get dressed without complaining!).

Maybe I grew up spoiled but I ALWAYS had a new dress on Easter and I think it's only fare to carry on the tradition. This year Grandma bought Tatum her dress. I love when Tatum feels pretty. She smiles different and walks different. When she feels pretty she is always so excited to show her dad what she looks like. Chris is great, he oohs and aahs at how lovely she is. I love to watch her stand and admire herself in the mirror, she's so cute how she just stares.

Tucker got a tie for his handsome Easter wear. Grandma was so sweet to our kids! Tucker was SO thrilled that he had a tie just like his dads tie. He talked and talked and talked about it all morning and even got dressed without a word of complaint, very rare! All day he showed everybody he could his handsome new tie.

What is a dress that doesn't twirl? Before we can decide if we like a dress or not the true test is the Twirling Test. Fortunatley this one twirled to Tatum's expectations.

Don't they look like they're at prom? It's the cuttest dang prom picutre I've ever seen!

For dinner we went to the Anderson's. It was SO yummy, Eve is a great cook. But before we ate we had the Easter egg hunt. This year there were even prizes for the adults. Chris and I faired pretty well, he got $30 and I got a shirt of my choosing from Urban Outfitters. Over all a successful hunt! Tucker and Sam are BFF and Tatum loves her Auntie Brooke and Auntie Aimee (Amster as Tater calls her)


Brittanie said...

Oh my gosh!! You guys were busy!! The pictures of the cookout made me so homesick for old times and everyone. I hope we settle there and can be part of the family again. Tatum and Tucker looked fabulous in their Easter attire! You too! Love ya! AND you can definitely still come and visit this summer! I should be in my second trimester by then and feeling good and energized!! PLEASE let it come quickly!! See ya cuz!

Shanen said...

That was a busy Easter time. But what a lot of fun. Oh my gosh snake...I would have freaked out. Your Easter Sunday pictures are adorable. Tatums dress is darling. You guys always take such cute pictures.

Shabwan said...

Peter Parker?! I know Peter Parker from Spiderman! I can still hear people around us laughing that night! So fun to be with those little people of yours! Tuckers fancy tie and Tatum's dress! WOW! They were campus couple! Love those kids!!!!!!

Alisa Larson said...

I love how the boys scared their Granny. Remind me to tell you my rattle snake story one day. It's pretty funny. Let's just say it includes a port-a-potty and some hired day workers! :-)

Crystal said...

Yikes that was a long Easter! I love desert cookouts. My family used to do them on New Years. I LOVE Tuck's baseball pose, and the prom picture. Too cute.