Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sundance, Utah 2008

Because of this (left), we got to do this(right). Chris got 2 weeks off to recover and we decided the only place he could properly heal and relax was Sundance, Utah. We loaded the blondies in the car and started our 11 hour trek to the snow capped mountains.

On our drive we stopped and stayed in Vegas with our good friends the Standfields. They took us to a fun little gelato shop where the kids rolled down green hills and ran around.

The winter snow wasn't completely melted and Tucker couldn't wait to play in it. He found these huge gloves and insisted on wearing them. The little mound in the back was all that was left at the house and it served the blondies well.

Tatum of course had to sample the dirty snow.

This is my favorite store in this whole wide world. It's this amazing home decorating store the size of Costco and it's filled to over flowing with flowers and rod iron things and little nick knacks and I really wish this wonderful store was here. I would drive to Salt Lake and back just to go to here.

While we were there we had to take the opportunity to crash a Riggs pizza/pool party. Sterling's little girl Aspen and Tater had a great time swimming at Clayton's house.

While we were there Chris turned the big 28, SO old! Here's the little party we had for him. He got some softball shorts and his new favorite an ASU freezer mug.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis, happy birthday to you!

One of our favorite things to do ended up being rides up and down the mountain in the jeep with the hood off. We took a Sunday afternoon drive and the blondies loved the wind blowing in their hair.

We ended up on our Sunday drive at the Sundance Ski Resort. It's one of the most beautiful places and we couldn't help but take a thousand pictures. Smile big!

There's a little pond with fish in it, I think we spent a good half hour looking for a fish.

Still looking for fish.

Family photos, it's a love/hate relationship! Aren't the boys handsome!

Photo shoot. Chris, the aspiring model!

Tatum is also an aspiring model.

We went to Bridal Veil Falls and the blondies and their dad braved the icy water. SO pretty!

Another major hit was playing in the jacuzzi. The mountain home has a room devoted to this very thing and every day we got to swim.

The last morning we were there it decided to snow. Can you believe that at the end of May it's snowing! We were so excited to see snow and sad to be leaving the cold weather.

I love how appropriately Tatum is dressed for the fridged temperatures!

Chris' sister Jill and her husband, Sean, live up in Sundance and they were so sweet to let us turn their quiet house up-side-down. Our evening routine was putting the children down, eating ice cream and falling asleep to movie. It was really fun spending time with them!


Tara said...

That place looks like it's taken directly from the musical, the Sound of Music. Did you guys start spinning around with your arms straight out and belt out, "The hills are alive..." It looks like you all had great fun. Wish we could have tagged along but no one invited us, hmmm? Maybe a not-so-subtle clue?

jill said...

It was fun to have you guys stay up here with us! We always enjoy visitors. Maybe we will see you in St George in a few weeks?!

urkov fam said...

what a fun vacation! it is so pretty in utah. i think i want to move there. really. you guys are a flip flop family! every picture you all are wearing them. and p.s. chris- dont quit your day job!!! : )

Shanen said...

What a fun vacation. I love that store too and I have only been there twice. What a great time you must have had. The weather looks beautiful there. But anything is better than what we hae here.

Chelsea said...

I will drive with you to go to Tai Pan...I have never been but it sounds like a dream come true! Wow, the camera really loves Fancy...please submit those photos ASAP to the nearest agency.

The Kemptons said...

It looks like you had a good time. The pictures of the mountains in the background are so pretty. I love to visit Utah and see how very different it is from here. And by the way your kids are so dang cute. Tucker is so Chris's twin. I love it!

Eve said...

Cute pictures. Tucks picture looks exactly like Chris!! I'm glad you had such a good time up here. Dad and I are here now and it's so nice and cool! How could we even think about selling this? It's great being with Jillie and the Seanster (even tho he's oot right now. Next time you see Jill she'll have a BABY!!
Love you guys.