Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mission Beach Quick Trip

Here we are at Mission Beach in San Diego, CA. Of all the vacations we do or don't go on the beach has never and will never miss a year. It would be wrong to deprive the blondies of the salty, frigid ocean water and sandy beach. We were lucky enough to go with Noni and Papa (my parents) and Natalie and Callie (my sisters). Two entire days at the beach only teased our want to move there but we had a great time and made fun memories.
Look closely at this collage as it tells a story of a little girl who wanted her Gramps to take her boogie boarding.

Tatum was born to "beach it". She never tires of the sun and loves the sand beneath her toes. Chris was unable to come with us and Tatum said, "I want Daddy to drive here so we can move here." Last year she thought the beach house we stayed in was our new house and was heart broken when we had to leave.

When you ask Tucker what he wants to do when he grows up every time he says, "play baseball". Can't take a break from practicing even while on the beach.

Not surprisingly the kids LOVE the water and even though we can't feel our toes while in it they always have a marvelous time!
Has anybody ever seen a cutter body than this? We certainly haven't! Love the sandy bunz!

My sisters and I simply had to take a break from all the sun tanning and reading to check out the shops on the board walk.

Takin' a break from sand castle making for lunch.

Funny story. Tucker said he needed to go to the bathroom. Go in the ocean I tell him, thinking he'll go stand in the water and relieve himself. No no, apparently it means pull his boys out and then relieve himself. Well just as I'm running to him a wave comes which he runs from exposing himself to the entire beach, we laughed pretty hard. Guess I should explain a little more next time.
When sand castles are built the sand has to be we of course. So we have to make several trips to the ocean to "buy" water for our sand castles.
Can you believe this bathing beauty? He decided out of the entire coast line that the only spot for him to sunbathe his rear was right next to us. It was funny to watch the people around us laugh and point and take pictures without trying being to obvious.

Tucker LOVES "surfer dudes". Even though this dude isn't officially a real surfer he certainly qualifies in Tucker's book; he simply had to talk with him.

Tucker pulled this board all around the beach but when it came time to actually using it he wasn't interested.

Tucker being a cool kid on the beach.
Tatum's favorite thing this trip was to be buried.

Building sand castles with Gramps.

Digging a hole for Tatum to stick her bunz in and get buried.

Bubble blowing. It was fun to watch how far and high they went without popping. I'm sure the other people on the beach were irritated with all our bubble blowing but we loved it!

Tucker asked for these the entire trip so at a gas stop he finally got his treat. He crunched for an hour and ate the entire bag!

All in all a great, relaxing trip. We finished with smiles and can't wait to go back next year!


Heather said...

What a great quick trip! The beach looks amazing and I am glad you had a fun get away.

Crystal said...

Okay, who is THAT?!?!?!? Please tell me you don't know the naked person! I don't ever want to have to match a name to a...well you know.

The Allen's said...

i wish i never missd a trip to the beach myself. alas. we have. I am excited to see you on tuesday. yay! for cousin parties. your kiddies are cute.

Brittanie said...

How fun!! Someday we will have to take a trip to the beach together so that all the kids can play! Love ya!

The Smith's said...

Nothing is better than seeing a little too much of someone at the beach. While we were in Hawaii there was this nasty man rolling around and lifting his legs and spreading them open so you could see all his junk. It was NASTY.

jill said...

Fun! I have not been to Mission Beach in a long time. I miss it. I wish I could go this summer :(

Shanen said...

I love how you post so many pictures. What a nice quick get away. We love the beach too. We can't wait to go. Only 7 more weeks. I know 7. We go for a week over Labor Day.

Jess and Natalie said...

I don't know if you noticed this or not, but if you enlarge the first family pic, look at the girls buns in the top left of the picture. I am laughing so hard right now!

urkov fam said...

so fun! i think we need that to be our tradition too. its a great one.

Ashleigh & Zebb Shappell said...

all of your pictures are so dang cute! love them! looks like you/kids had a total blast!!!

The Kemptons said...

That looked like a lot of fun. Your kids are so tan. And honey you have the best body for a beach mama. The old man must have such confidence. Yuck!