Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pickin' Corn

My Auntie Mel's gramps own some land in Queen Creek and plants corn for his family and their friends. We got a lucky invite this year to help ourselves to as much corn as we wanted to pick.

The corn was taller than me and super easy to loose the blondies in. My mom made the trek with us and helped pick, pick, pick!
Tatum and Tucker had so much fun running through the corn. Of course the fields were loaded with bugs so we scratched ourselves red and raw.
Tatum loved the baby corns but all the hair made her nervous!
Picking corn is hard, dirty, sweaty work, Tatum needed a water break.
This may not look like the mountain it really was. Our entire Yukon back was full of corn. We unloaded it in the back yard and shucked and shucked and shucked!

Tatum proved to be a great schucker while Tucker was more interested in eating. He finished 3 ears when I cut him off. I told him he'd have corn in his poopy the next day and was SO excited that he actually did!


Shanen said...

O my gosh, how are you going to eat all of that?? I hope you have BIG plans for the 4th with LOTS of people to help you eat it. How fun.

Brittanie said...

Yum! I love corn on the cob!! How do you store so much corn?? Are you going to can it? It sure is yummy but I can't pick it because my eyes swell big time and I have horrid allergies afterward!!!

Heather said...

What a boy to be excited about corn in your poopy. So are you gonna eat all that this weekend or can it?

Ashleigh & Zebb Shappell said...

I still have my blasted allergy cold from just huskin the corn! oh well at least its almost gone i figure a week was long enough to have a stuffy head/nose!

Kristin said...

I was really behind but I am now caught up. It seems like I say that a lot anyway...I am so jealous of the beach! It looks os fun! We really need to take our kids there! How fun! And I love corn too, I'm jsut not sure how you mangaged to eat it all before it went bad...