Sunday, September 7, 2008

August Update

For Chris, seasons revolve around ASU football. His new years always begins in the middle of August at Camp Tontozona where the Devils hold a public practice. That's right, a practice. Chris and his cousin Donny get up early and drive an hour and a half to watch a practice dressed from head to toe is ASU garb. For the past 2 years Tucker has made the trek loving every minute, he totally diggs Sparky and the time he gets to spend with his dad.

How cute is he!! Tucker and Brady are best buds during the day long manly, bonding time. They even held hands everywhere they went and never mind the tiger stripped chairs!

We FINALLY got a monsoon storm, finally! What happened to the storms of olden days: power outs, killer dust storms, hail? Well we got nailed one day and it turned our neighborhood into Shamrock Lake. Notice how high the water hits Tuck, his waist!
They had so much fun riding their bike and scooter into the water. I ventured out into the water a bit myself and I was a little worried something might nip at my toes or we might contract some weird disease, thankfully it was just rain water!


Our neighborhood friends joined us with their inter tube!

The most exciting thing that's happened is Tucker started preschool. We made such a big deal of Tatum starting school of course Tuck got the same treatment. He chose for breakfast eggs, he could've had anything and he chooses eggs, boring! How about his new backpack! I love how
huge it is!! He loves it. And I'd like to point out this is the first day this entire summer his shirt and shorts match.

On our way to drop Tatum off at school I heard her in the back of the car giving Tucker school pointers. "Now Tucker, when you need to say something you raise your hand and your teacher will call on you. And if you still have something to say you raise it again." I'll bet her hand is up constantly!
I took Tucker school shopping, of course he had to have a new outfit. Now, I know boys aren't huge on clothes but mine happens to be pretty darn picky with a huge opinion. The kid picked out a jean jacket. A JACKET. It's SUMMER. He absolutely insisted. Nothing else would make him happy. How did I get stuck with such a weird child?

The preschool we're doing is actually called Joy School. I'm really excited about it! It's not so much ABC's, it's more about being aware of directions, self esteem and the such which is right up Tuck's alley. This is the sign that welcomes us to the home it's being hosted at as it rotates every week.
He was so good about going, I thought he might be a bit clingy but he was SO excited he walked right up to the door and into the house like he'd been there before.

These little friends are in his class. There's 7 children and 5 are boys which I'm really glad for, Tuck needs little buddies, the poor child is surrounded by girls. Our good little friends, Sadie and Macie who we love, also are part of his school. He wouldn't come and smile with the beautiful brunettes but they are good buddies. When I picked him up he was so excited and wanted to go back. YEAH!


Jamie Young said...

It's about time you returned to the blogging world! It looks like you guys have been busy having fun and you better believe we're coming to your neck of the woods the next time we get a rainstorm, that looks like a blast!

Chelsea said...

Kosty rarely talks to other kids, and last Sunday as we were leaving nursery, all of a sudden he shouts out, "BYE TUCKA!!" Apparantly he loves Tucker, we should get them together some time.

R & K + 2 said...

Yeah you did a post!! It's a good and long one too! Your kids are so dang big I can't believe it. And I can't believe how much Tucker looks like Chris. By the way let Chris know he has a little dirt on his face!
See ya this week at work.

Anonymous said...

SO cute!

jill said...

I love all the pictures! And Tucker looks so cute, all ready for his first day of school.

tcandland said...

hey its Therena (Candland) I didn't know you had a blog! When Jill gave us the address to hers I found yours- it always feels like we see you only once a year - at the Christmas FHE!! I organized and did a joy school last year that everyone loved, so i'm glad Tucker is liking his!!

Nichols Family said...

Cute pics Heidi, wow Shamrock was flooded? Awesome they busted out the the innertube! Trent shares Chris' love for ASU, but mostly baseball season.

TJ and Jen Sherwood said...

i love the tiger chairs! i want some for myself!!

Shanen said...

Dang, he should have called Josh, he would have gone. Did you get a desk yet?? What fun to let them play in the water with the inner tube.