Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Toot-a-loo Jill & Wyatt Sean

This is Jill and Wyatt Sean whom we love. We've been so lucky to have them in town for the last couple of weeks but sadly it was only a pit stop. They moved today to New York so Sean, husband and dad, can go to PA school. They will be there for 2 very long years and no doubt we'll be counting down they days until they move back. We went over to bid them farewell and hold Wyatt Sean one last time.
Tatum LOVES babies and can't wait until her very own arrives. She said, "I'm practicing on a real baby". She felt so big when she rocked Wyatt asleep in her arms.

Tuck isn't so interested but likes holding the little squirt none-the-less. He so affectionately calls him Wyatt Sean instead of simply: Wyatt.

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