Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Festivities

Easter was fun this year, just like every year. We kept busy with family and egg hunts and yes, Jersey was never far from our minds.

It wouldn't be Easter if there was no egg dying. I wonder how egg dying became an Easter tradition, it seems far from the resurrection which of course is the whole reason for Easter. I'll have to look that up!

It takes a lot of concentration to make a fabulous egg! The finishing touch was GLITTER, they HAD to sparkle!

We went to Grandma and Grandpas for some Easter fun. Tatum admired the distant rainbow and Tucker... didn't seem to notice, he was too busy admiring his giant grapefruit!

All the cousins.

The Easter Bunny came and didn't disappoint, they each got a movie and gum. I think Tuck ate almost a whole pack before church, that's a lot of gum! This is Jersey's movie, it didn't feel right excluding her, if she were here she would have gotten something. I can't decide if it was more for me or for the blondies, either way, it was important for us to acknowledge her.

As tradition would have it, the Easter Bunny hid eggs. Before the 3 egg hunts the blondies and I had to talk strategy: run as fast as you can to an egg, throw it in your bucket and run to find more; you can always look at your pile of eggs later and the treasures they hold!

Silly Bunny thought he could out smart them by hiding a green egg in the lettuce. And yes, if you're wondering, that's the lettuce from our garden. How Mormon are we!

Obviously showing what they found!

The little miss in her new, fancy dress. If I do say so myself she looked darling! It wouldn't be a photo shoot if there were no "sassy faces/poses".

A dress isn't a dress unless it TWIRLS!

Us and our girlie.

If you were wondering where Tucker was during the photo shoot he was having a melt down about his pants. He thought they were too long, and they weren't, so he was hysterical all the way to church. We had to wait until church was over to photograph him and even still, this is all we got. Nice pants!

We simply had to visit Jersey Girl. Easter this year, and I'm sure every year from now on, has a different meaning; my heart has a tender spot for this day. It's no longer dresses, hunts, and candy but a day we get to celebrate Jersey's future resurrection, our chance to once again have her in our arms, our chance at perfection and forever.

Upon deciding it was time to leave we said good-bye to our little peanut and headed to the car. Tatum wasn't satisfied and ran back to Jersey, kissed her hand and rubbed Jersey's dirt with her kissed hand. "Bye Jersey, I love you. I miss you." she said and my heart broke all over again.

Off to Nonnie and Papa's for dinner and another egg hunt.


Netso said...

Oh Heidi, I'm so glad you got to have some fun on Easter. Your kids look darling ( I REALLY like the pants!!) And your dress is darling as well. I'm sure it seems like it will be forever until you are reunited with Jersey :( But think what a reunion it will be!! :) Hope you are well. We miss you.
Take care, Netso and Skylee

Deana said...

I am so inspired by the way you celebrate and keep your spirits up for the darling Tucker and Tatum. You are an angel yourself and Jerseys basket was darling! Tatum looked adorable and I love Tuckers pants. They are not too long!

Take care and I am really really jealous of the green grass and the lettuce! We still have snow!

Libbis Grammy

Dennison Family said...

I love the Easter fun!! I must say, YOU look Fantastic!! I love how Tatum went back to Jersey's grave and kissed her. That breaks my heart!
I must say, I LOVE the lettuce! What a great Mormon fam you are! :) Love ya!

Em said...

What a wonderful Easter celebration! I know that Jersey girl is smiling down and just pleased with how wonderful her little family is doing. I do not think anyone should have to visit a cemetery on Easter, but it truly does bring more meaning to what Easter really is about. Your family is so beautiful. It makes me chuckle that Tucker had a little pants breakdown (it makes me feel like my breakdowns when I was little over clothes was not just my problem, silly, huh?) Just thinking of you guys and wishing you the peace and strength you need every day!
Heart hugs,
Emily and Mike

Chelsea said...

Aww, cute. Tucker killed me with his rolled up pants on Sunday. He was quick to show off his "Easter pants" and his awesome "Easter socks" though! Kosty was none too thrilled with his new Easter clothes either. He screamed for a good hour before church and ripped off his vest. Your lettuce is perfect! I'm sure Jersey was happy to look down on her cute family.

Lily's Mama! said...

Heidi, the pictures were lovely. I loved Tatums dress, it twirled beautifuly. I hope and pray to see Lily do that one day.

Love Tuckers pants, that is something my Austin boy would do. He is one of those kids where if his tag is not tucked in we have melt downs.

When I came down to the end of your post with Jersey, I couldn't help but miss Jersey girl. I miss standing there talking with you and stroking her "Monkey hair" I loved listening to you talk about twirling on the tooties.

Reading what Tatum said made me cry, because I could not imagine the pain she is feeling along with the rest of you. And like you said, the only comfort is knowing one day you will all be together again as a family.

Sending you our love and blessings.

The McLaughlin Family
Jenna and Lilyana

jill said...
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aimee said...

you guys look adorable in your easter outfits! they will be perfect for a upcoming wedding...

Mindi D said...

I am laughing at Tuckers pants!! We have an all out war EVERY Sunday over church clothing with Koy, too long, too short, ugly shirt, you name it, he argues it! I love little miss Tatums sassy faces, she is darling! I can't wait to meet your cute family!! Take Care!

jill said...

what a fun easter! i have not yet seen jersey's grave site. i would like to go visit her while i am in town.

and of course, your kids look so cute. tatum could not be more photogenic! and i love how tucker is always so concerned with his outfits!

Hallowsboys said...

So sweet.....Your little girlie looks just like you! I love Easter, it has a special meaning more so now but waiting is the hardest part for that special resurrection to happen. I am so NOT a patient person. I miss you girls already, I wish you lived closer. Tucker reminds me of my little Colton...he wore sneakers to the funeral and for our family photos. Some things are just NOT worth arguing over. Lots of hearts and hugs.

The Kemptons said...

You and Tatum look beautiful in your Easter dresses. You always have something wise to share on your blog, I love to learn from you. You are such a inspiration. By the way I love Tucker. That kid makes me smile and laugh all the time. I dig the rolled pants though.

Evie's Story said...

Love this post Heidi! Precious pictures of your beautiful family! I dont even know you personally, but from the pictures, Tatum looks JUST like her beautiful mommy! And those sassy pictures of her are too cute! What a little Miss Priss!!
The pictures by the still fresh grave just melt my heart. I cant imagine how much harder these holidays are when you should be dolling up your baby! My heart is heavy for you dear one!!

Jenna said...

Heidi that makes me so sad about Tatum and Jersey. What a sweet sister she is. I am so sorry for what you guys are going through. But I hope you know she is near, and Heavenly Father loves you guys, and so many people are cheering you on. It was awesome to finally meet you. I was a bit nervous so I am sure I may have rambled on at times, but you are awesome, and an inspiration to me. I can't wait for the resurrection day, what a day it will be!

Kim said...

Thumbelina, what a perfect movie for a perfect angel.

The blondies are adorable as always just like their parents :)

WishTrish said...

Thumbelina. Perfect.

Happy Easter, Anderson's!