Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Helpin' With Christmas in July

I'm really excited to do Christmas in July for the sweet heart babies and families at St. Joe's. It really means so much to me! I look forward to hopefully putting a smile on the face of a stressed parent and seeing super cute beanies on little heads. Since my last post on this big day I've had several inquires of what help I need or any donations needed. So here's my disclaimer: I am only putting a pay pal donate button on because it was asked for, I feel almost awkward having it on but definitely appreciate the help! If you want to help here are some ways you can:

*donate your moola.

*make thank you cards: I am a rotten scrapbooker and completely lack any sort of creative scrapbooking talent. Somebody gave me the idea of having thank you cards for the parents to write their thank yous. Heaven knows they have many to write and hours to fill!

*beanies: my friend Mandy's sister is an expert crocheter and is willing to teach me and any other gal interested in learning. So come and learn with us OR if you already have the skill it would be fabulous if you could make some!

*bows or flowers for the beanies: the beanies are cute alone but just think how precious they would be with a bow or flower or a ribbon through them! Some have offered to make bows and YES! I'd love it!

*bracelets: My super wonderful friend offered to have some bracelets made that say "Hearts of Hope", they are the rubber ones that Mr. Lance Armstrong started, you know the yellow ones. They will be really cute and a simple reminder.

*socks: sometimes little tootsies can have socks on, socks would be nice; store bought or made is lovely.

*Cd's: my really cute friend is making some soft, soothing Cd's, they will be so sweet and so appreciated, music makes a HUGE difference.

*eye covers: I'm learning how to make eye covers for the parents to wear while they TRY to sleep. Question, would any of your husbands wear these? Mine absolutely would not, much to cool but would any of yours? Should I have them just for the moms??

This is what I have thus far. I'm a bit embarrassed putting this on and asking for help but I've had so many ask what they can do so I've created a list to choose from. If you've never lived in the hospital before how lucky you are but if you have, you know how lovely this would be! One last thing, I can't seem to come up with a name that works to donate this in, I'm thinking something along the lines of: Jersey Wings or Jersey Girl...that's all I've got, again, not creative. Thank you for your help, really, I appreciate it so, so much!


Jenna said...

When do you need the stuff by? Can't wait to help! I like the title Jersey Girl. Also my hubby wouldn't wear the eye wear either, but I think the Moms would love it. I hope you are doing ok, and I think it's awesome what you are doing. I really feel for parents with these sick kids. We stayed in the ICU for a week with Denim about 6 months ago and it was so hard. I felt such compassion for people who are there all the time, and I would love to help them out.

Hallowsboys said...

I did the hair color pink yesterday. Its cute...my son said I look like a teenager, not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Will get a pic soon for your pink hair approval rating :)

The Kemptons said...

I would love to make bows and flowers for the beanies. Tell me when you need them and abou how many

Netso said...

Hey there my little Zona gal, just wanted you to know I ordered the bracelets yesterday from the guy at the ballpark!! Ha ha it's amazing what you can get done at the ballpark! but I ordered 50. Is that a good number? and I told him white with red writing? how's that? we found if they are white the guys will wear them too. My son, Skylee's Josh, my husband, my nephew, all of them still wear Libbi's. I'll send them when I get them, he said about two weeks.

Mindi D said...

My hubby would totally wear the eye covers!! He's all about comfort! I would love to help out somehow.. Please let me know. I was thinking of making some thank yous at our scrapbook day for enrichment. If i actually do it i will send them your way. I hate to say for sure cause i never know what each day will bring! If i don't end up doing those i will send some $. You are so cute to do this, the families will LOVE it!

Stephen, Rachel, Q, & Cam said...

Hey Heidi, i would love to learn how to make the beanies so that i can help out too! Let me know when you are going to learn it, Thanks, Rachel

Cyn said...

I lived at St. Joe's for a month last year when my 18 year old son had emergency brain surgery. A friend (Kim) brought a survival bag that was a big help. It mainly had snacks of all kinds, which saved me because I never wanted to leave his side, not even to eat. She also put a book in it that I did not read, but my husband did. It was nothing deep, just something to help pass the time. Maybe something like a crossword or Sudoku book would help, too.
My husband would not wear the eye cover. But he can sleep anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances. :)
I may be able to help with thank you notes. I have no creativity, but my daughters love to do that kind of stuff.
It was nice to finally meet you last night. I'll continue to pray for your family. Loves!

eastman5* said...

Hi Heidi. I was told about your blog from a relative of yours and actually went to high school with Chris. I would love to help out. We lost our little girl 5 years ago and I still have the little crochet blanket and clothes that I was given from the hospital. This is a wonderful thing you are doing! I used to own my own hair bow and tutu business and I just have all my supplies sitting and collecting dust! I would either love to make bows or since someone else has already offered if you don't need that I would love to donate some ribbon and supplies. Please just let me know what you need! Thanks! -Emily Eastman

{ Bethany } said...

Hey Heidi,

This is Bethany (Gavin's mom from angel babies blog). We met at the lunch get-together at Crackers a couple months back. I would love to help out with this. It would be fun to learn how to make the beanies...I've been wanting to learn for awhile now! You can email me at bethany (at) bethandre (dot) com. I'm hoping to go help w/ Jakey's blankies, too, on Thursday evening, so maybe I'll see you there.

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

Hi. I don't know you but I skipped over to your blog from a friend's and saw this post. I own a small (very small) bow business, mostly because I make all of the ones my daughter wears. I would LOVE to donate some to you for those beanies. Seems like that may be the most popular thing for people to donate so let me know if you need any more and if not, I'd be happy to help in any other way that I can.