Monday, January 24, 2011

Jett, Day 1

Jett was by far the easiest delivery I've had. Started the poticin at 7:30, broke my water at 11:45, and 3 pushes later out he came at 1:13 pm on January 3rd. He screamed and screamed and all I could think about was how beautiful that sound was. Jersey Girl never cried, she was immediately intabated but Jett sure had some lungs. It was so relieving to hear him cry. One of the best sounds I've ever heard. He weighed in at a hefty 8 lbs. 8 oz, we like our boys big! He was perfect and mine!

As he quit screaming and the nurses were wiping him off he started to grunt. They stood there watching him talking quietly. I've learned to not trust quiet conversations between drs and nurses. They decided to call in a respiratory therapist. After he examined and watched Jett he determined he needed to be taken to the NICU and now. Grunting is a sign of respiratory distress. They asked if I'd like to hold him first. Stupid, stupid question. They wrapped him like a burrito and handed him to me and then stood there and waited for me to finish so they could take him. As if I'd ever be finished. After a very short 30 seconds they decided I'd had him long enough and took him.
To say I was angry is an understatement, I was FURIOUS! This was not what I had envisioned the last 39 weeks and 1 day. I hadn't had time to count his fingers and toes. I hadn't decided who he looked like. I hadn't inspected every inch of his chubby body or smooched his cheeks. He hadn't squeezed my finger AND THEY WERE TAKING HIM FROM ME! It felt like Jersey all over again.

When I finally got to go see him this is what I found. The nurse asked how I was doing and I barked at her how angry I was. Poor lady. Looking at the bright side, we knew everything they were doing to him, we could read his monitors and know what the numbers meant so although he was on CPAP we knew very well how bad it could be and fortunately wasn't.

This looks just like Jersey: NG tube, heart monitors, line in the hand, blood pressure cuff, pulse ox, pricked heels. Fortunately he recovered quickly and was released from the NICU after 5 hours. It was 5 hours to long for me!

This is his first diaper change. Thanks hon for doing that!

The blondies were SO excited to meet their brother. They showered, put on clean clothes, and did their hair so they could make a good first impression.

Tucker LOVED looking at him and rubbing his head. At first he didn't want to hold him but when it was time for him and Tatum to leave he decided, in a last ditch effort to delay his departure, he really wanted to hold Jett. It was precious watching the two of them. Tucker kept saying how soft Jett was. He finally felt like the big brother he's been missing out on being. Here's our boys, so very handsome!

Tatum was absolutely smitten from the very beginning and couldn't get her turn to hold him fast enough. She spoke soft and gentle to him, rubbed his head, smooched his cheeks, and stared and stared. I loved it!

This one was to cute to not post. Tuck loves his Daddy!

Here we are, the family picture. Gotta love how you look in the hospital after being pumped full of fluid and just giving birth. It felt like Heaven to finally have him in our arms, there are hardly words. He's so precious and everything we've been waiting for.


Kim said...

Reading this post made me cry, I am so happy for you I can hardly stand it.

Nicole said...

Oh Heidi. I am sorry you had to re-live some of those bad moments with little Jett. So glad that it was only five hours, but completely agree that it was 5 hours too long. I can't wait to see you all at Ethan's Run and look forward to loving on your new little cutie.

mom/sandy said...

Congrats Anderson family--what a cutie.

Mandi said...

Oh the chills. I'm so sorry that after talking to you several times since his little birth I didnt' know any of this. I am so sorry that you had to go through such torture! That would be horrible for any new mom, much less you. I had a very serious moment of heart ache for you as I read that and how very grateful I am that that little chunky monkey (and he is rather chunky might I say) is a healthy little man. I can't wait to meet this little person and pinch those seriously chubby cheeks in real life. I do believe that he might just have Lizzie beat here pretty soon. Congrats my sweet friend! Lets talk again soon. I hope he has stopped being a business about his sleeping/eating. Have a lovely day!!!

Heather said...

I am sorry you had to experience this once again but so happy that he is healthy and strong. You have such a beautiful family and are truly blessed. Love you friend. Kiss those yummy cheeks for me.

Brooke Woods said...

Heidi- you are amazing! For real. Even if you made me cry off my freshly applied makeup! Love you!!

Cyndi said...

Amazing pictures!! Congrats you guys!!! I can't imagine what you were feeling when they took Jett to the glad it was nothing serious! Take care:)

hydee ann said...

i know just what you mean about the good cry. and then the grunting starting. and the stupid questions and anger. i haven't been through mostof what you have, but i have been there. thank goodness it only lasted 5 hours! that's wonderful. but what a scary start.