Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jett's Blessing

Jett's special day was on a beautiful, Arizona afternoon. Gorgeous weather, beautiful baby, and our wonderful families. It was a perfect day. Chris did a great job, with baby #4 he's a pro! Jett was oh-so handsome and he didn't even poop his yellow poop which would have ruined his handsome outfit. He behaved during the blessing and was a major hit with all who were there. Everybody loved him...of course, what's not to love!

A few other photos of the mister.

They were very proud of their brother. They counted down all week for "Jett's special day" and were thrilled to help with anything they could.

This was the best we could do with all 3. I say all 3 like it's a lot. Ha! Imagine if Jersey were here, 4 kids is definitely a lot! It was a glorious day with so much love, thanks to all who came and shared it with us!


A to the J said...

Jett is soooo cute!! What a beautiful you have!!

A to the J said...

I meant "beautiful family"..oops

Nicole said...

So cute. I'm so sad I missed it. Miss you!