Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Morning

Doesn't Christmas morning make you feel like a child again? I can remember being so, so excited Santa brought presents just for me. I loved to see Rudolph's teeth marks at the end of the carrot. So this Christmas with my rugrats old enough to understand, it brought back so many wonderful memories. The magic was definitely at our house Christmas morning as they each squealed over their presents and made excited faces. Tatum loved her big dollie house and her cowgirl boots. Every little girl, or gril as Tucker says, should have a pair of boots.

Tucker is always stealing Chris's tools which of course bothers Chris so you can imagine how thrilled he was to find his very own tool set loaded with screws, a hammer, screw drivers, saws, sanders, a drill, and a car to make. He couldn't have been happier. He also got some batman gloves witch he loves, loves to wear. You can't tell but Santa bought them way to big. Tuck had such a busy morning he had to relax on the couch with his "real cowboy guns" and his new shirts.


urkov fam said...

wow, your kids made out on gifts! that tool set thing is awesome! if only i had a boy......what did santa bring you and chris?

Heather said...

What fun traditions! The kids look like they enjoyed every moment of your Christmas festivities. And you look va-va-voom in your red lips and silky red number!

Nice update.