Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with my family, YEAH! Every year my Dad's family get together for a big dinner and gift exchange. Every Christmas Eve we'd take family pictures to send to our Gramps who lives out of state. It's funny to go through them and look and all my clunky stages where I thought I looked so stinken cute! So in the Christmas Eve tradition my siblings had to have the annual family picture. My cousin has a little girlie, Kendall, who is 6 days older than Tater and they love to play together. And then there's Tuck, poor little guy never seems to have any little buddies.
We always do a gift exchange and here is Tatum and Kendall waiting for the go ahead to open their gifts. Tatum got the game Bingo, a Tinkerbell watch, and a fridge alphabet magnet thing.
Tucker was so excited to open his present from his favorite Uncel Danny. He was thrilled to discover a "sparky bat!!!" Chris and my family LOVE the Devils and so Chris has instilled in Tucker that the Devils are the best thing ever!

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Kim said...

Fun pictures! I miss my kids being little and the excitement that brings to Christmas morning.

You should've posted all your past Christmas sibling pictures so we could all see how cute you were through the ages.

Thanks for the rubber bands!