Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas with the Folks

Chris and I are so very lucky to have both of our families here, heck, they live 2 miles apart! When we finished our family morning we headed off to the Krieg's for the traditional breakfast. When we finished we opened our presents. Tucker got a load of cars with a fancy truck to hold them all in. Tater got an Aurora dollie that she absolutely loved. In the picture she is dancing and singing to her. So cute! The real present was the 12 ft. trampoline. We set it up and they jumped all day! Tater and my mom, Noni, have a special bond- Tatum's the oldest grandchild and so they're pretty much obsessed with each other and I love it! Tatum is so lucky to have grandparents who love her so much!

Next we were off to the Anderson's. Tatum got a really cute chef hat and apron with her name on them. Handsome Chris recently annihilated his dad is racket ball and so Sam thought he should have his very one sweat band and glasses. Love the cheesy smile!

Their big present was this super cute Jeep power wheel. Oh they were so excited, you bet they drove in that ALL day! Watch out when Tuck drives, he ran Sam over, TWICE! We laughed about it all day. They feel so big with their very own car!


urkov fam said...

dang, they made out for christmas! looks like a fun time.

Janalyn said...

That's a super cute picture of Mommita with Tatum! I haven't seen your parents for ages- tell them hi.
Your Christmas looked like a blast. We need another dinner night soon.