Saturday, April 12, 2008

Usery Pass Picnic

We had a family picnic in the desert at Usery Pass. At first we were a little skeptical but it was SO much fun! There was a playground there, a bathroom (yeah for no squatting), and a grill. It was a perfect day for a picnic with the fam.

Sam had so much fun bouncing everybody on the seesaw so hard the game was to NOT fall off. I tried it and my rear was soar the next day! My kids LOVE to swing but being the horrible mother that I am I avoid any park with swings. The moment they see swings they want me to push them, and not for a few minutes, for HOURS! I feel bad depriving of their love, I really do, but when they know how to pump, seriously. Actually Tucker taught himself to pump on this outing and was SO proud of himself; high five buddy!!

We were patiently waiting for dinner and so that meant, of course, a small photo shoot. Tucker and his shades, he's so funny about them!

We love Sammy and Cooper, our favorite cousins!

Tucker stuffing as usual. The menu: hot dogs or chicken (for the health conscious), potato chips, fruit with rocks (Careful! Loaded with rocks-it was dropped in the sand), and potato salad; perfect picnic food!

It would be wrong to have hot coals and not make smores.

Tuck enjoying his smore, ummmmmmm.

The buddies hanging out and Sam in his favorite bandanna.

Not pictured is our mini softball game which we held in the middle of the street and frequently had to be paused so cars could pass. The goal was to hit the ball the farthest in 3 hits and you'll all be happy to know that I won! I even out hit Christopher which is a major feet! Please, no autographs.

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