Sunday, April 13, 2008


A not so funny story: A couple weeks ago my friend Crystal and I were discussing sewing, exciting topic I know. We're both participating in a boutique and have been sewing like crazy. She was telling me how her mother never sewed with the machine on Sundays because something bad always happened. Smile, smile. So Sunday rolls around and I'm working on my towels I'm selling at the boutique thinking to myself I probably should be working on them as I will be making a profit selling them. No sooner had I thought this than the needle breaks into 3 pieces and one of them flies into my eye and I can hardly see for the next 2 hours. Thankfully my eye was okay. So the next Sunday rolls around and once again I'm working on my project. I step away for 2 seconds and Tucker picked up the scissors and cuts on of my needed towels. Hello, we don't play with scissors! Luckily I was able to save it but Tuck had to go straight to the naughty corner.When he was released this is what he did while giving me one of his classic stink looks. What's not to laugh at! So to finish my not so funny story, I told Crystal about my happenings and she cued me into the fact that it was indeed Sunday. NO SEWING ON SUNDAYS, I've learned my lesson... twice!


MommyRohner said...

Wow, I'm glad your eye is OK. I would feel really bad if I was responsible for you being blind. I've been sewing on Sunday lately too. Maybe it's not such a good idea, but it seems that's the only time I actually get anything done.

Can't wait for our fun boutique. Everyone who doesn't come is sure missing out.

Crystal said...

I'm seriously going to have to show my mom this post. Too funny. So glad you're eye is okay, though.