Thursday, July 17, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Our 4th of July morning up in Show Low, Az started busy. There was no time for breakfast (notice the back of Tatum's hair), there were patriotic outfits to wear, fun hair to do, and crazy hats to make all by 9:00 in time for the parade. Aren't these two girls adorable? Our friends the Morris's came with us. Here's Tabby and Tatum showing off their oh-so-festive hair and attire.

Alice and I made most of these adorable hats late the night before, who knew they'd be SO much work? We let the kids do the final touches.

Here they are... darling! This will for sure be a tradition every year, they turned out so cute and were so easy.

Of course we had to go to the parade, what's a 4th of July without a sweaty parade. LOVE the hats!

Watching the semi-boring parade. Tatum carried that flag around all day and for the entire weekend.

I know, enough with the hats, but aren't they so cute? They almost look like indians.

Watching the parade. There's Noni and Pops and my Auntie Kim and Alec in the background.
We discovered the louder we yell and the more we wave our arms the more candy gets thrown to us. To bad none of it was chocolate!

When I was growing up every time us kids asked my dad what he wanted to be when he grew up he ALWAYS said a taco, weird I know. Can you imagine his jealousy when this real live taco walked by! We all burst out laughing!

On my uncle's land he has horses, all though we didn't get to ride any the kiddies got to sit on them for, oh, 5 seconds. This horse was pregnant and I'm pretty sure it was just about her time. She didn't move an inch and her lower lip was quivering, poor thing, I feel your pain!

We also fed the horses apples. They seemed to like the red apples better!

There was a pond just a minute walk away. Every time we go there we always have to fish, we have yet to catch something. How cute is he!!

I love this picture, it looks so relaxing.

Tatum was a huge fan of rowing. Her and Tabby trying to get somewhere. Eventually they had to get rescued.

Because they weren't the best rowers dad came to the rescue and took them out.

Tucker was absolutely obsessed with the ores and carried one around the whole time we were at the pond.
They swam and swam, the water was scary, as you can guess the adults opted out.

The swings were also fun, if you get going fast enough you fly out over the water.


Chelsea said...

wow! lots of updates! love the hats, adorable! love the horse pictures, love the slip n slide, and of course love Tatum's rockin TAN! and oh yes, CONGRATULATORIES to you my dear for #3!

Brittanie said...

Those hats are to die for!!! I love em! How did you make them?!!

Mandi said...

My goodness! Way to get all your posting done in one shot. You go girl! Thanks for the chat today. You are sweet to think of me, especially when you have the house to yourself. I can't wait to hear all about your girls getaway! Definitely let me know if a day next week works for a hangout. Otherwise we will come up with something. Have a great weekend! I will talk to you on Monday!

The Kemptons said...

ok, oh so cute. I love the hats. I need you teach me how to make those for next year. Tatum is so tan, my word honey. I could never look that dark.

Angie Whitman said...

Fun catching up with you and your beautiful family. The picture of all the kids in their 4th of July hats made me laugh. Cute idea. Your becoming quite the photographer!

Alisa Larson said...

How fun, and I LOVE the hats. So creative of you! Did you guys hear about the lady who was killed from her horse at the parade? So sad. I hope the little was okay. Last I heard she was in serious condition at the hospital. Crazy.

btdaniel said...

Okay - so watch out when Alys and Heidi get's all about creative madness. I don't think there was room on those little heads for any more Americana. Glad to hear about your recent announcement of a little bundle on the way. Too bad it's near the Twilight movie release - I guess that's why people get nannies. Maybe you should consider in this instance.

Jen H. said...

I had a lot to catch up on. It looked like you had a great 4th! Also, congrats on #3!!!!! I had no idea, I'm so glad to hear your not sick and doing well!

Kristin said...

I love the hats! You always do such fun things for holidays~!