Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday at the Lake

Our good friends Kristi and JD invited us to the lake. My kids were born for the water! The minute we got on the boat they begged JD to go faster, faster. Tatum declared we move onto the boat and live at the lake. Ummm...probably not.

Here's JD, our Skipper!

The little friends came along, Cannon and Carly. Carly screamed and laughed the faster we went while Cannon was a bit unsure about the whole thing.

Yeah for the lake!

Tatum immediately asked to go on the tube. She is such an animal, she's never afraid. Tucker refused to go on the first run and it was only after promising to go slow that he finally got on. Of course he loved it and he even asked to go faster.

The troops getting pulled in after their ride.

She loved the wind in her hair.

Chris showed off his rusty skills without any injuries!

Here he is, getting some sweet air. Hey there handsome!

It was really hot, imagine that, so the water felt so good to swim in.

Tucker loves water guns and Cheetos, notice the dirty mouth. He got a kick out of squirting us.

We had so much fun and we love the Rabans. Peace out!


Ashleigh & Zebb said...

Cute kiddos! gotta love the lake!

Shabwan said...

Tater Bug and Tucker Sam...they have way to much fun for being little people! Tatum looks soooo tan in the pick with you! Can't see it very good...but her swimmie is cute!!! hehehhee. That's some sweet air Chris! Hey Tuck...that raft thingy kind of looks like a mouth with fangs...better go brush!

Alisa Larson said...

Love the last picture of Tatum!

Heather said...

The lake is soo fun! We just went this weekend too and my bum may still be a bit sore from wake boarding. I am jealous of your kids tans!

Heather said...

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Kim said...

I have not been behind a boat in ages! Those kiddies look like they too much fun and Chris....phht, I've got more air in my stomach than that! Haha! Just kidding....really!

The Kemptons said...

You are one brave woman for going to lake when you are pregnant. You for sure would not find me there. Your stomach must be a rock. Thanks for the fun pizza night. It is always fun getting together.