Friday, July 25, 2008

Funny, Funny Tucker

Because I work with teeth I'm very particular about my blondies brushing their teeth. We always brush morning and before bed. Well, for some reason which I completely support, my mother image googled bad teeth and showed the pictures to T&T. What a mark it left! They absolutely refuse to go to bed without brushing because their teeth "will turn black" or they'll "get bloody teeth". Love it! Tucker has decided every time he eats anything he needs to brush. He puts a mountain of tooth paste on one of this 10 toothbrushes and scrubs away. What a funny little guy!
Another thing this funny dude does is go through clothes SO fast. I don't mean ruining them I mean he changes his undies, his jammies, his "outfits" at least once a day. I know this pile of clothes may not look like much but he has more clothes to put away than the rest of us combined. Check out his mountain of undies, he has like 7 night shirts. He's worse than a girl!
He also likes to sleep in his warm winter jammies with socks on and his cobers (as he calls them) pulled up to his chin. It's summer! Who wears jammies to bed? Not me!


Alisa Larson said...

That is a GREAT idea with the rotten teeth pics and I'm using it tonight!

Jamie Young said...

I agree, nothing like getting scared straight, I may have to use that tactic too!

Heather said...

I am all for scary teeth pictures to motivate and inspire. Well done!

Shabwan said...

Oh my gosh should have included some of those pics in this post! Heidi failed to mention that Tucker almost panics when he remembers those pics. He immediately abandons the food he is eating to brush...I wonder if it could be used as a weight loss technique????