Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tucker's Big, Fat Mouth

We don't say the word fat. Well, Chris, Heidi, and Tatum don't say the word fat, Tucker, however does...and often and many other hilarious, naughty things. His favorite though is fat, and not just saying it, calling someone fat. We've had numerous discussions about it but they aren't sinking in. He's too honest and so LOUD about it. I'm waiting to get beat up by the recipient of Tucker's honesty. Here's last week:

We're in the grocery store checking out. Tucker says, LOUDLY, "Mom her booty is bigger and bigger and bigger!" I couldn't pay and walk out of there fast enough. While we're walking to the car we have "the talk" AGAIN! After the grocery store is Costco. We're in the bathroom, an enclosed, echoing area, when a lady walks out of her stall. "Mom her belly is huge!" Oh my, not 10 minutes before we had "the talk". "Tucker! We don't call people fat!" "But Mom," he innocently says, "I didn't call her fat." How can I argue with that?

We're at Target, leaving when we walk by a cute, smaller girl. Tuck pipes up, "Her booty's not big." And it wasn't. "Tucker, we don't talk about people's booties," I gripe back. "Can we talk about their bellies?"he asks. Seriously???

Yesterday he says to me, "Mom, your garments are just a liiiiiiiiiitle bit too small, huh?" I should have smacked him, Heaven knows I wanted to.

We were in Utah and Tatum and Tuck slept in the same bed. They were in bed for the evening when I heard Tatum sobbing. Tucker called her fatness and her feelings were hurt.

Other naughty things: Chris was laying on the ground and Tucker walked by and kicked his head. Chris got upset with him and Tucker says back, "Your head was in my way, move your head." I guess it was Chris's fault for having his head in the way.

Tuck was mad at Chris and he yelled, "You're being impossible!"

Actually Tucker, YOU are impossible, not quite sure what to do with you.


Crystal said...

Oh my. I have no idea, but that photo is so fitting for the moment. Love that Tucker.

Chelsea said...

:) Oh man, he is somethin! When Brayden started noticing larger "shapes" I just talked with him about how we don't say anything outloud because it will HURT THEIR FEELINGS--key words, because he is very sensitive to trying not to hurt feelings, so it seemed to work for him!

I really enjoy the stories however! Love ya Tucker!

Deana said...

Oh well if we "fat ladies" are fat then Tucker has every right to so say! Yea it does hurt though! He is so funny and that picture is the best!

jill said...

im pretty sure tucker told me how huge my belly was when i was pregnant with wyatt. i kind of wanted to punch him in the face :)

hydee ann said...

pointing and too-honest comments - must be the age! laird has done some of the same things. =)

we had a dishwasher repair man here a few days ago and while he was winding up, Laird says, "Mom, he's pretty fat." Oh, to die on the spot!the poor man was standing right in front of us, so i just rolled my eyes & poked laird in the tummy ans said, "no, that's you pudge." later i explained to him (not the first time) that it makes people uncomfortable when we talk about their bodies in front of them and please don't do it. we'll see if it sticks this time.

and then there was the time he told me some of Grace's fatness was still on my belly. gotta love them!

brooke said...

oh tucker. i'm never wearing a swimsuit when he's around.

Evie's Story said...

Oh that boy cracks me up....and you tell the story so well Heidi! Too funny. He just tells it like he sees it. Innocent honesty - right? God gives us those kids moments to keep us humble:-)

Love your sweet girls first day of school photos. What a sweetie! Hope she's adapting and its getting easier this week!

Jenna said...

I have a child like that named Rider!! Oh boys can be crazy!!!! How does it feel to have a child in school? My kids start next for sure lets do something!

The Shelley Family said...

its a'll pass :)
every kid goes through it...and yep it is embarrassing to us as parents! some kids are more vocal and some kids and more observant. i always told my kids that yes the person was heavy or had one leg or looked different...but inside everyone is the same..and that sometimes the things we say hurt feelings. i also made my kids apologize to the person they said something LOUDLY to. not always...but it sure stopped them saying stuff out loud!
and since he is making honest observations...have him see if he can wait till u are in the car? good luck with this stage of childhood :)
as adults we also need to be aware of what observations WE say outloud in front of our kids. not saying u do(since i dont even know u)...but sometimes we do it without noticing that we ARE doing it.

Dennison Family said...

Haha! I love the photo! Sorry about your naughty blondie! :) THanks for the good laugh, though!!

Mindi D said...

O my. I love that kid :) Tell Chris to stop being impossible and move his big FAT head next time! Geez!!