Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Diamond Backs Picnic in the Park

Saturday, August 22 @ 3:30pm, come have a dinner picnic on the field, run the bases, tour the dugouts, get tickets for a future game, pictures. . . ALL INCLUDED while watching the D-backs game live on the jumbo-tron! I am selling tickets to this great family event in honor of The Heart Center at St. Joe's, where Jersey was so lovingly taken care of. The D-backs foundation will donate $20,000 to the Eller Heart Program at St. Joe's! Let me know if you are interested. Adult $45, Children over 3 are $35. heidi.anderson@cox.net or comment on the blog. If you can't attend, donating 1 ticket would help a heart family in need attend. If you do plan on attending tickets need to be paid for by the 12th of August.


The Millirons said...

I went to the cemetery the other day ( did you read my Blog post on how someone took ALL of Elizabeth's stuff ? Everything. Her flowers, the little stars, everything ) But I went and visited Jersey. It is amazing how much the grass has grown on our two lovelies.

Amanda said...

I hope you had fun at this event. Again, sorry we couldn't come. I just want you to know I love you and miss you. I really miss Tatum and Tucker too! And Chris...Paul misses him too. I hope all is well.