Sunday, October 25, 2009

Student of the Week

Tatum was student of the week and that meant fun! She was given this poster to color and fill out so her class mates could learn more about her. She was SO excited!

This is Freedom Bear. She got her for the week and was thrilled. She is a very coveted bear and who ever has her is queen or king. She went every where with Tatum including a spend the night at Nonnie's house.

At the end of the week Tatum brought in her poster and shared it with her class. She also brought Freedom Bear back and shared what they did all week.

She even brought in Gisele, her turtle. Gisele was a hit and Tatum loved bringing her!

To finish her week we all ate lunch with her in the cafeteria. She wanted pizza and soda so that's what she got. It was fun watching her feel important and special because Heaven knows she certainly is!

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Mindi D said...

Adorable!! I love that girl!