Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ward Campout

The blondies LOVE to camp so we braved the ward campout. It was a fun and freezing 13 hours. We got there just in time to set up our tent in the pitch black and warm up the stew.

We sat around the camp fire and chatted among friends.

This is how the blondies, with their friends Tyler and Luke, spent the morning. Except for the few minutes Tucker and Luke were on the side of the 65 mph highway playing in the street and throwing cars into on coming traffic. We were packing up camp and assumed they were playing in the dirt but NO! they were playing in the STREET! Chris got screamed at by some driver who pulled over and Tucker got well, let's just say he better NEVER pull that again!

They were filthy, stinky, and tired! Tuck showing his dirty hands and face. On our way home we decided to go for a quick hike with 5 other families. It got cut short because sweet Tucker had a melt down. It was fun but way to much work for 13 hours!

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