Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jersey's Beads of Courage

These are Jersey's beads of courage. Each bead represents something done to her or that she experienced. If my house was burning down and I could save one thing, other than my blondies, it would be this box. A dear friend made this for us; we already knew Jersey endured much but it was quite different seeing it. Her strand of beads is over 6 feet long, I hate how long it is!
Her beads begin after her silver name and pink beads.
Black: IV Pokes- 33
Orange: Central/PICC Lines- 6
Purple: Infusions (medications)- 13
Aqua: Tubes (NG, Chest Tubes, Foley and PD Catheter)- 8
Red: Blood Transfusions- 72
Green: Procedures- 77
* Chest X-Ray- 51
* Ultrasounds- 13
* Echos- 12
* CT Scans- 1
Sun/Moons: Days/Nights in Hospital- 41
Multicolored: Days on TPN- 41
Silver: Dressing Changes- 22
Dark Green: Days on PD (dialysis)- 27
Double Figure Eight: Days on ECMO-6
Purple: Surgeries- 5
Pink Butterfly: Her release, her new, perfect beginning!
That's a lot for a little princess to undergo, especially in the 41 days she lived! It's also sad that there are other children who have experienced worse. But for me, for my princess, it's more than enough. I'm grateful she'll never be asked to experience ANYTHING like that again. I'm grateful I know where she is. And I'm MOST grateful she's all mine and some day, there will be a glorious reunion and she'll NEVER be taken again.


Tyler and Kami said...

This gave me chills. I cannot believe how much she endured. What an amazing daughter you have. She has such a strong spirit and was more than willing to come to earth knowing she would endure all of that. And what an AMAZING mother she has. A mother and father who stood by her side and allowed those things to happen to her because they knew it was to help her. I cannot imagine how hard that must have been to watch all of that being done to your sweet one. You are truly amazing and I can't wait for you to have your reunion with her again !

Bridget said...

Wow. What a trooper Jersey was. It doesn't matter that others have longer beads. What matters is that your Jersey (and you and your family) experienced so much in such a short time. Love is timeless.

Brittanie said...

Oh wow. That is amazing. What a great idea and wonderful way to remember her. You are amazing. Jersey is so lucky to have you and I know she is looking forward to your reunion just as much as you are. Love you!

Janalyn said...

What a sweet idea. You have good friends!
How did you even keep up with all that? I can't even keep track of surgery #s anymore.

The Simmons Family said...

It's so hard to look at those beads. I couldn't complete Owen's necklace because it's heartbreaking to me. I take it in stride. Jersey fought so hard for those 41 days! It's great knowing that you'll be with her again someday and that she is not suffering here on earth. Maybe I will update Owen's beads.

Thanks for that sweet post!

Melodie said...

What a very kind thing your friend did for you. It is a beautiful strand of beads. Your steadfast love for your baby is so endearing. I am so sorry for your loss. :(

Evie's Story said...

I am so glad you did this. We had them done for Evie as well. It just gives such a visual of what sweet Jersey went through. One courageous baby! The pink butterfly is precious.

Thanks for sharing her beads of courage...her story continues to inspire - as do YOU my friend!

Jennifer said...

This is beautiful. It is such a physical and real way to tribute her trials and honor her life. What an amazing gift. People really love you and your whole family.

Jenna said...

Ahhh that is amazing. I'm glad she is free, even though it hurts so much. Butterflies have a new
meaning for me since my Mom passed. I'll
have to tell you my butterfly encounters one day. I love the Team Jersey shirts! You guys are the cutest family! I'm always thinking of you, hoping you are well. Love ya

The Smith's said...

That is such a good idea. How sad to know that she had to go thru all that. I could not imagine having my child go thru that. When Alli was in the NICU I wanted to beat the nurse when she had to move Alli's IV.

Greg and Heidi said...

I am crying for our little angels. . . They were such troopers!

Crystal said...

What a tribute to your sweet girlie. And how beautiful is that butterfly? A perfect end to her line of trials.

Jennie said...

That's so awesome Heidi. I loved reading this post. I'm so glad you share and document these precious Jersey moments.
Jennie N.

Tanner, Avery, Benson, and Bela said...

Wow.. that is truely amazing. What a cool thing to have, reminding you of her courage. I love the pink butterfly, and I love how you ended the post..

Ashleigh and Zebb said...

WOW!!! can't stop cryin this puts things in a whole different perspective she really did deserve those wings!!!

I'm sad i never got to meet this sweet spirit but happy that i'll get to meet her one day. But you had to have done something spectacular yourself you and Chris both to have such a sweet and special spirit like Jersey Girl!!!