Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Halloween!

An angel and a Wolverine, you would've thought they were dressing according to personality! :) Here they are in all their glory.

It takes a STRONG dude to be an X-men and that is exactly what Tucker is, can't you tell? He salivated over this costume at the store and could not rest until it was his. He means business in his costume and will gladly beat you up!

Tatum had known for months she would be an angel, simple as that. She decided she would dress up as Jersey, not just any old angel but HER angel. My fabulous and crafty friend Alys was a major help with her costume. It turned out really sweet and sparkly, fit for an angel!

Her shoes.

We had an unexpected visitor and we were thrilled. Nonnie surprised us all decked out as a clown. The blondies LOVED it! Her and Papa even went trick-or-treating with us!

Here Chris and I are with Wolverine and the angel...I mean Jersey.
Trick-or-treating was fun but the blondies tired much sooner than I expected. Tuck wanted to be held and we ended carrying their candy bags half way through. When I was young I remember walking ALL night, running sometimes, to get more candy than last year. I decided that next year we'll go to a few houses and then I'm taking them home so I can go trick-or-treating!


Evie's Story said...

Oh, tears again! Sweet Tatum dressing up as her angel sis is just TOO precious! THose wings are the cutest ever. Perfectly chosen characters for each of your precious kids!

Mindi D said...

O they are soo stinkin cute! I LOVE the angel costume :( SOO perfect for her!

Netso said...

that is tender :(

Chelsea said...

Cute pics! Love the angel and Mr. Wolverine. Jeremy told me I was supposed to call your house, but by the time we got home and put kids to bed it slipped my mind! sorry! Hopefully Tuck & I can make up at primary practice today :)

Greg and Heidi said...

Whoa. . . the is too sweet! She needs to wear that on Jersey's big day!

Lissa said...

Alright, I'm a stalker. I found your blog through Tiffani's and have been addicted to your story. I hope that's not too creepy.

With that being siad, I work with the YW in my ward and would love to provide some meaningful service for them. I was wondering if you might have any suggestions or ideas on how we might be of service to some of these precious heart babies and their families.

Feel free to check out my blog or email me at dwalker(AT)pga(DOT)com. I would love to chat with you if you have any ideas. If this bothers you, I'm sorry, just let me know.

You are an inspiration!