Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shelves and a Clock

This handsome fellow is Brandon, my brother in law. He's pretty new to the family but so far we like him. After Jersey died I was in dire need of a shelf to display my Jersey shrine, yes I have a shrine. He quickly came to my rescue with a cute shelf, JUST what I wanted! Since then he has spent many hours cutting, sanding, painting, distressing, many pieces I'm pretty sure I NEED! Below are just a couple. And yes, if you are wondering, he'll make you one, or two, or three, for a small fee of course.

I LOVE this shelf. Mine is a bit different, this one is grander and would look fabulous in Tatum's room!

And this clock, definitely fabulous! If you are feeling the NEED right about now feel free to e-mail the above dude with questions and maybe even an order!


Mindi D said...

That shelf is ADORABLE! I'm pretty sure i will NEED one someday. Not today but one day soon i bet :)

Anonymous said...

Love that shelf!