Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jakey's Blankies

This is Jake, sweet angel Jake. His mommy, Liz, and I decided that Jake and Jersey are married in Heaven. Don't their names have a nice ring to them, Jake and Jersey? We certainly think so! Silly but we figured since they were bff's they might as well be hitched. Anyways, when Jakey died his family asked for donations for "Jakey's Blankies" and had a huge response. These aren't just any blankies, the material is AMAZING! I'm an adult and I want one of these blankets. The tiny patients these blankets were made for fell in love, so did the parents. They were such a hit the heart unit is in need of more. Please visit Jakey's blog if you are feeling generous, and even if you're not visit anyways! =)

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