Thursday, May 21, 2009

29 and SO Old!

Chris had birthday, he thinks they're no big deal. He thinks it's important to remain cool and bad 'a' at all times. He can remember when he was my age. He's 29 and old. He hearts Oregano's so that's where we went to celebrate with our fabulous friends the Milnes prior to his "unimportant" day.

I say birthday's are important. It's your one and only day a year. I say who cares what the birthday boy thinks, we have a party. The birthday boy requested hot brownies and ice cream so that's what the birthday boy got.

I made him get a family picture and smile, I'm a mean wife. We like Tucker's finger up his nose. He liked his party and his friends. He liked his Garmin Edge 305 I got him for his special day, he's obsessed, he spends way to much time on it. It's a good thing birthdays are important.
It's been quite the year and he's quite the guy! He's a fabulous father, a killer comedian, a wicked griller, a mean biker (who holds the record for hairiest legs!), and a lovely husband!


Mindi D said...

I think your girl looks just like him! I'm glad you made him have a fun day, boys are lame!! I want to read your other blogs, invite me!!

The Johnson Fam said...

Made ME laugh!!!! I love you guys!

Morris Mama said...

He's going to have to shave those legs if he wants to ride his bike super fast!!! Come on Chris, a REAL biker would do it!

Eve said...

I agree, birthdays are soooooooooo important and I also agree that Chris IS all those things and more.
We love you Chris. Don't forget the Big Birthday Bash his family gave him the night before the big day!!

jill said...

happy "unimportant" birthday chris! i hope you got my anniversary email. i didn't forget. i guess i could have called too...but that would mean i'm a good sister :)

Evie's Story said...

sweet tribute to your husband! Ya'll have weathered a lot this year!

Chad approaches birthdays the same way and we INSIST on making a party and taking pictures. Our funny macho guys, huh?

Im reading a fabulous book on guys if you have any free time for yourself and are looking for a good read. Wild at Heart by John Eldredge.....VERY insightful!!

Kim said...

29 huh....well, from here on out each birthday will now be an anniversary of your 29th birthday.

Pat just celebrated the 4th anniversary of his 50th birthday.

Happy Birthday big guy! And seriously, don't shave your legs....Lame!

Netso said...

Skylee said to tell Chris he is a "HOT" 29 year old!!! Ha Ha Yep, she's still being a little "WICKED" I miss you guys :( and yes, if anyone knows how important big hair is it's the girls from Utah. That's what we are known for you know?

WishTrish said...

Yeah. What an old lingering fart. Oh, wait. What's that say about me?!

I love your hilarious writing, Heidi! Happy Birthday, Chris!