Monday, June 22, 2009


I know this is late in coming but couldn't pass telling Chris how wonderful he is! I love watching him interact with T&T, I love when he walks through the door the blondies stop whatever they are doing and run to him. I love how he can calm Tucker when nobody else can. I love how Tatum wants to marry him. I love how Tucker worships him and wants to do everything Chris does. I love how Chris loves them back. How he worries if Tatum is modest or not. How he wants to make sure Tuck is "tough" and doesn't take "crap". I love how he twirls with Tatum. I love that he can go on the spinny rides because I can't. I love how he cleans up their barf. How lucky we are to have such an amazing man in our lives. Tucker has a fabulous example and Tatum's husband has a lot to live up to!

Tatum: age: 29

weight: 26lbs

height: 40 in.

favorite color: blue

favorite sport: baseball

favorite food: salad (he hates salad)

favorite thing to do with me: snuggle

favorite thing about dad: he's the funniest daddy of all

Dad runs FAST!

I really love about daddy: he's the best daddy in the whole wide world and he's silly.

I like him because he tickles me!

Tucker: age: 29
weight: 73 lbs.
height: 70 ft.
favorite sport: mountain biking
favorite food: fish (he hates fish!)
favorite thing to do with me: mountain biking
favorite thing about dad: he goes mountain biking
Dad runs really fast!
Why I love dad: he's the funniest than everybody else
I like to jump on the tramp with dad.


The Smith's said...

I think Chris' favorite food is brocolli salad

Mindi D said...

I love that he is 70 feet tall and weighs 26 lbs. Ha ha that's hilarious!!

Crystal said...

70 feet tall, now he's got to feel good about that one, even if the kids don't have a clue what he likes to eat.

Mindi D said...

When in July are you coming? I didn't know you were! The only thing we have going is a family reunion July 9-12. I hope it's not that same weekend! Are you bringing your family or just the girls again? Is Liz coming? You are welcome to stay here if you want to, we'd love to have you! We need to get to Arizona too!!

Chelsea said...

Jeremy is also the barf cleaner. If I could pass on any wisdom to any single ladies out there, it would be to make sure the man they marry will be the barf cleaner ;)