Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kindersteps Graduation

For Tatum's big graduation day I decided it was time to put mascara on her lovely long lashes, can u tell? Aren't u jealous? I am!

Front row, fifth from the left. They sang Pearly Shells and another song that I can't spell because it's in Hawaiian.

See her tongue stuffed in front of her teeth? She inherited that from me, poor thing.

We sure love her!!

This is little Emma, Taters bff all year.

Tatum loved, loved, loved Miss Hansen (left), she wants her to live with us. Group hug. Tatum also adored Mrs. H and I'm certain they both loved her!


Evie's Story said...

Heidi, she is such a little beauty queen! Cute pics...good times...precious childhood!

Netso said...

I'm soooo excited she graduated from Kindergarten, just one step of many events to come!! her eyelashes should be outlawed! Cute, Cute, Cute.

Hallowsboys said...

She is a beauty just like her mama! My son graduated from Kindergarten last week too so sweet isn't it?

jill said...

She is sooooo cute.

WishTrish said...

Oooh-la-la!! Love the la-la-lashes!

Michelle Bair said...

I want to steal her eyelashes! Chris if you don't have one you better go out and buy a shot gun for once she starts dating!