Friday, September 25, 2009

Diamond Backs

St. Joe's Heart Unit was presented a check by the Diamond backs and we were able to go and the game.

Because it was Jersey related I decided we needed to sport matching shirts. So I whipped up these shirts that said "Team Jersey". They turned out really cute. Mine and Tatum's had a little bling on the T and J.

We were lucky enough to watch the game in the comfort of a suite. It was fancy and we certainly felt like VIPs!

Here we are, matching. One happy matching family.

On the back just below the collar I put her dates. I can't wait to find another occasion when we can wear them again!


Morris Mama said...

The shirts turned out awesome! Glad you had a fun night!

Deana said...

Those are the cutest shirts I have ever seen!! I love them! So glad you got to enjoy a game and in a suite???? Awesome!!

Nicole said...

I love the shirts. So cute!!!! I'm glad you had fun.