Monday, September 14, 2009

T-Ball Tucker

Tucker has begged since he was 2 to play base ball. FINALLY he's old enough to sign up for t-Ball and has talked of nothing but t-ball since!
Tuck and Chris went on a date and got him some nifty cleats and baseball pants. Tucker treated them like gold the few days he waited for ball to start. Tuesday finally came around, as soon as he got home from school he chanced into his uniform. He was ready at 11:45 and practice didn't start until 5:30. It was a looooooooooong afternoon!
He absolutely LOVED practice. He ran fast, hit the ball hard, and tried catching the ball. He loves his coach and is enthusiastic and a fabulous listener while on the field.

This is a video showing how fast he can run in his new cleats.


Shabwan said...

I'd let the Diamondbacks know you have a ball player...they seem to be lacking a few! Go Tuck...You'll be a great team player! Love that kid!!!

Anonymous said...

haha, I could eat him. Ps. I loved your jjjjsheeesh

Tyler and Kami said...

How fun, he looks like an official baseball player. Douglas played T Ball last year and loved it. It was so funny to see all the different kids. The ones like Douglas, who were totally unmotivated and not into it at all, were hilarious. But the ones like Tucker who were totally serious and there to really play the game, were even cuter to watch.

I hope he has fun. And he can run really fast !

Mindi D said...

O he is super fast!!! I love it!! Today is Koys first football game, big day!!

Brooke said...

I can't wait for my boys to be old enough for sports... I think I'll be more excited than them.

Eve said...

Like father, like son! Chris was always an amazing player. Can't wait to watch him play. They're hilarious at this age.