Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Turtles

Happy, happy birthday to Ninja, Gisele, Bertha, and Splinter, our four turtles. We decided to celebrate with a party because babysitting group, or fun group as we call it, was coming over anyways.

The festivities began with the game musical turtle shells. The shells were decorated paper plates. Totally fun, Kalissa won that one. Next we played pin the tale on the turtle.

Grady was the winner! We all laughed and had fun watching everyone try there very best being blind folded.

And last we enjoyed turtle shells and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Okay, so they don't exactly look like shells but I do get points for trying!


Tyler and Kami said...

They look like Turtle shells to me ! What a fun idea.

Evie's Story said...

I LOVE the shirts you made to honor Jersey...know you put a smile on her sweet little face!
And the turtle shells - you are awesome! What a cute idea!

Nicole said...

You are such an awesome mommy!!!! You kids are so lucky to have you!

Kristin said...

They do look like turtles! gOOD JOB!

The Kemptons said...

What a cute idea. And you are very creative.